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Job: The Eye of the Storm

6 interactive Bible studies for small groups and individuals

from 10 reviews

Bryson Smith takes us to the valuable lessons Job teaches us about life, suffering and the wisdom of God.

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The story of how Job loses everything and then struggles with his pain, his ignorance and the dubious comfort of his friends, is one of the classics of world literature. But it is much more than a literary masterpiece. It is a book about life as it really is- where good things happen and bad things happen. Where confusion and doubt plague us. Where there is grief and agonising questions asking "Why?". And where there is God, whom we know is Lord of all, yet whose ways we struggle to understand.

In these six masterful studies, Bryson Smith takes us to the heart of Job, and to the valuable lessons it teaches us about life and suffering and the true wisdom of God.

An ideal study resource for individuals or small groups.

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  • How to make the most of these studies
  • 1. Good times, bad times
  • 2. Life is never that simple
  • 3. Why me, God?
  • 4. A word about wisdom
  • 5. 'Brace yourself...'
  • 6. Faith, mystery and the meaning of life
  • Tips for leaders

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Contributors Bryson Smith
ISBN 9781921441127
Format Saddle stitch
First published January 2004
Dimensions 155mm x 225mm x 4mm
Language English
Pages 55
No. of studies 6
Publisher Matthias Media
Customer reviews


“So helpful”

Excellent study book & a real blessing.


“Fantastic study on job”

I purchased this study book for a small group of enthusiastic young Christians I am leading. The subjects are so deep and there is space for group discussions aswell as indepth bible study. I think it is important for new Christians to realise that you will still face trials in life but it is how you face your troubles that counts and to put your trust in God. The book of job is a great place to start!!


“Good for perspective...”

We used this book to work through Job at our Men's Group. There's a lot of material to grapple with and so we focused on getting an overview of the major points and thinking through applications.

It can be easy to get lost in the busyness of day to day life and to lose perspective on who God is and what he has done, and is doing, for each of us all the time. If we focus on how we see things, it can be a recipe for disappointment or disaster. This study book helped us to glimpse the majesty and splendour of God through the prism of Job's sufferings. We concluded the studies encouraged to appreciate God more and to trust him in all situations and for everything.



We chose this study for our 2012 Lent study sessions in the Anglican Parish where I'm Rector. Three groups met at different times during the week while others did the study at home. The reaction was extraordinary and heartfelt. For some it was the first time that they'd really got to grips with the Bible and certainly with the Book of Job. The key question of suffering and of God's sovereignty proved invaluable and, I believe, really helped people to grow in faith. People were also struck by the sheer beauty of the poetic sections of Job and how powerful the narrative proved to be. By the time we'd finished the study we all felt like we'd been on a journey! Alongside our regular Bible study we're hoping to use the same series to look at Revelation during Advent. Thank you for this wonderful resource!


“Helpful and concise study”

This study guide provides a good overview of Job in just six studies while managing to get to the core message. It is a good for a group at 'mid-level' rather than beginner. There is a lot for group members to read outside the study sessions and the topic of suffering is quite meaty. This study is highly recommended.


“Excellent, stimulating 'cherry-picking' distillation of Job!”

Recommended by a friend for our small group (whose members, perhaps like many a small group, have each experienced degrees of suffering), we have found this study aid very helpful indeed. Thoughtfully structured, it makes illuminating sense of Job by way of a 'guided tour' of the essential themes,key passages, NT and other Scripture references. Some of our more fruitful discussions have come out of the 'Implications' section at the end of each study.


“Perceptive and stimuating guide for group study”

Only half way through in our group, but the guide has proved excellent at stimulating discussion and is straightforward for leaders to follow. Important that people do the preparation before the meeting - much more beneficial when they do. I like the link through to New Testament theology.
Probably less good for individual study, if anyone wanted to to that.


“Possibly the best?”

This may well be the best of the GBC studies for small groups etc. It manages to cover over 40 chapters of Job in 6 studies and seems to get to the real point of the book, highlighting chapter 28 as where the main wisdom is summarised. Almost all of the discussion questions are interesting relevant, and the content is highly applied. The Ashford Congregational Church #1 Small Group did these studies with great profit. Oh, and BTW the price is quite good too!


“very good”

helpful overview of Job and keypoints reinforced throughout the studies. User friendly and worked well in our ladies bible study group


“A good study for getting at the main themes and application of Job”

Job is often thought of as daunting to understand because of the long poetic passages, the attitudes of the "friends" and the relationship between sin and hardships in our lives. This study helpfully pulls out the main attitudes and issues both of Job, his wife, and the friends. It helps us to confront our own belief about why suffering occurs and how to get alongside a Christian who is going through a hard time. We learn what is the wrong association in many peoples' minds about hardship automatically being a result of our sin.
The struggles of Job and his ultimate confrontation with God shows how great is our God and what blessings can also flow for those who maintain their trust in Him.

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Job: The Eye of the Storm | Bryson Smith | £3.50 £2.80