The Vine Project

The Vine Project

Shaping your ministry culture around disciple-making

Following on from the vision set out in The Trellis and The Vine, this publication provides the roadmap and resources to shape the whole culture of your church around disciple–making.

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In this much-anticipated book, Colin Marshall and Tony Payne answer the question they have been asked countless times by pastors and church leaders all around the world since the publication of The Trellis and the Vine.

The question goes like this: "Look, I've read your book, and it expresses what I have always thought about Christian ministry. But as I kept reading, I had this sinking feeling that what actually happens in our church is still a long way from the kind of disciple-making ministry vision you outline and that I believe in. So my question is this: What can we do about it? How can we shape the whole culture of our church around disciple-making?"

In The Vine Project, Marshall and Payne provide a roadmap and resources for this sort of church-wide culture change. The book guides your ministry leadership team through a five-phase process for growth and change, with biblical input, practical ideas, resources, case studies, exercises and projects along the way.

You will be helped to:

  • clarify and sharpen your convictions (Phase 1)
  • reform your own personal life to express these convictions (Phase 2)
  • honestly evaluate every aspect of your current church (or ministry) culture (Phase 3)
  • devise some key plans for change and put them into effect (Phase 4)
  • keep the momentum going and overcome obstacles (Phase 5).

The Trellis and the Vine proposed a "ministry mind-shift that changes everything". The Vine Project shows how that mind-shift can and must shape every aspect of what you are doing as a congregation of Christ's people to make disciples of all nations.

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Contributors Colin Marshall, Tony Payne
ISBN 9781925424768
Format Paperback
First published September 2022
Dimensions 147mm x 232mm x 20mm
Weight 0.60 kg
Language English
Pages 355
Publisher Matthias Media
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The Vine Project | Colin Marshall, Tony Payne |
£16.99 £14.44