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You're Not Crazy

Gospel Sanity for Weary Churches

Scripture-focused advice on honesty, honour, preaching, leadership and mission to help weary leaders renew their love for ministry.

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Being a pastor is hard. Whether it’s relational difficulties in the congregation, growing opposition toward the church as an institution, or just the struggle to continue in ministry with joy and faithfulness, the pressure on leaders can be truly overwhelming. It’s no surprise that pastors are burned out, tempted to give up, or think they’re going crazy.

While we’re quick to assert what the gospel says, we’re often too slow to admit what the gospel should do for our churches: reflect Christ’s beauty through a godly, grace-filled culture.

In this practical guide, seasoned pastors Ray Ortlund and Sam Allberry help weary leaders renew their love for ministry by equipping them to build a gospel-centred culture into every aspect of their churches. Emphasising the importance of healthy doctrine, they explain that failing to also nurture a healthy culture can be frustrating, polarising, and even unbiblical. This encouraging guide features Scripture-focused advice on honesty, honour, preaching, leadership, and mission to support leaders and help them regain a beautiful, Christ-centred vision for their ministries. 

  • A Great Resource for Pastors, Church Planters, and Seminary Students: Encourages weary church leaders with Christ-centred advice on hospitality, discipleship, preaching, and more
  • Valuable Ministry Insights: Each chapter features discussion questions and a brief, engaging conversation between the authors about the topic
  • By Pastors Ray Ortlund and Sam Allberry: Expanding on their podcast, You’re Not Crazy

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  • Foreword by Russell Moore

    Chapter 1: What Is Gospel Culture, and Why Does It Matter?                 
    Chapter 2: Open the Doors, Open Your Heart: A Culture of Gospel Welcome
    Chapter 3: Come into the Light: A Culture of Gospel Honesty
    Chapter 4: See the Glory!: A Culture of Gospel Honor
    Chapter 5: Let Christ Preach: A Culture of Gospel Invitation
    Chapter 6: Leave Behind Lord-It-Over Leadership: A Culture Guided by Gentle Shepherds
    Chapter 7: Make Your Church’s Love Obvious: A Culture Fueled by Renewal and Mission

    Afterword by Clark Lowenfield

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Contributors Ray Ortlund, Sam Allberry, Russell D. Moore
ISBN 9781433590573
Format Paperback
First published October 2023
Dimensions 133mm x 203mm x 12mm
Weight 0.19 kg
Language English
Pages 176
Publisher Crossway

Brian Brodersen

Associate Pastor, Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, California

From the very first episode of the You’re Not Crazy podcast, I was hooked. The overarching theme of the podcast, and now the book, is this: gospel doctrine is meant to produce gospel culture through which the church shines forth the beauty of Christ. I have come to embrace that message wholeheartedly and am thankful that Ray Ortlund and Sam Allberry have made it accessible to all through this book. If you’re currently leading a church or ministry, or planning to do so in the future, this book is for you.

Adam Ramsey

Lead Pastor, Liberti Church, Gold Coast, Australia; Network Director, Acts 29 Australia & New Zealand

This is the most important book I’ve read this year. You’re Not Crazy is written for pastors, ministry leaders, and followers of Jesus who not only believe the gospel but also desire to experience good news in their everyday life and work. The grace of God should shape not merely our theology but also our experience within our churches. This is exactly what Ray Ortlund and Sam Allberry do through these biblically rich and deeply practical chapters. This book is refreshment for those who are weary, renewal for those who are disenchanted, clarity for those who are frustrated with the present state of the church, and rocket fuel for those who refuse to bow to the tribalism and outrage addiction of our times. Here you will find the kind of Christianity that every follower of Jesus longs deep down to experience. Read it slowly. Read it annually.

J. Garrett Kell

Lead Pastor - Del Ray Baptist Church - Alexandria, VA

A church that lacks gospel culture will undermine its gospel preaching. A gospel culture welcomes messed-up people to stumble toward glory together, knowing that God’s grace is their only hope. You’re Not Crazy is an invitation for Christians and churches to press past the confusion of our day and experience the beauty of Jesus’s grace together. I highly commend this work.

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You're Not Crazy | Ray Ortlund, Sam Allberry, Russell D. Moore |
£12.99 £10.39