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Powerful Leaders

Powerful Leaders

When Church Leadership Goes Wrong And How to Prevent It

Marcus Honeysett
from 4 reviews

In Powerful Leaders? Marcus Honeysett explores why Christian leaders come to abuse their position and power – and what we can do to prevent it.

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As understanding and awareness of abuse has grown, many revelations of church leaders abusing their power have come to light. How did the church get here? Is there a way we can address both individual and institutional failings to counter the misuse of power and, more importantly, prevent it in first place?

Powerful Leaders? exposes and explores how leaders are tempted away from a biblical model of leadership into illegitimate - and in the worst cases abusive - use of authority and power. Director of Living Leadership, a charity that focuses on healthy leadership and church culture, Marcus Honeysett traces how leaders move along a spectrum of healthy to unhealthy uses of power and position and offers practical wisdom for countering and preventing harmful leadership.

Drawing on his years of experience in the local church and working with leaders and congregations, Honeysett unpacks how to spot danger signs of abuse in the church and provides advice on what to do if you see or are under unhealthy leadership. He also explores why people don’t blow the whistle and encourages critical self-examination in existing leaders to ensure they maintain a healthy use of power – and offers guidance to help leaders improve their skills and move back towards healthy, biblically-based leadership.

For anyone concerned about improving safeguarding in the church, Powerful Leaders? will prove a valuable resource. It challenges and equips both those in leadership and those in a position to hold leaders accountable, and will empower them to take the necessary steps forward to create healthier church cultures in which everyone can thrive.

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Contributors Marcus Honeysett
ISBN 9781789743227
Format Paperback
First published February 2022
Dimensions 135mm x 216mm x 11mm
Weight 0.16 kg
Language English
Pages 176
Publisher IVP
Customer reviews

21 Apr 2023

“Vital reading”

Every Christian should read this for their health and the health of the church

18 Apr 2023

“Brilliant and essential”

Everyone, whether leader or 'flock' should be equipped with the knowledge in this book.

8 Dec 2022


Very insightful and engaging.

7 Sep 2022

“A must read book”

A must read book

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Powerful Leaders | Marcus Honeysett |
£9.99 £7.49