Why Did Jesus rise? (Access for All)

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A short full-colour evangelistic tract explaining the meaning of Jesus' resurrection based on Acts 10 v 39-43.

Part of the Why Did Jesus series.

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A short evangelistic tract for adults based on Acts 10 v 39-43. It explains the meaning of the Jesus' resurrection as a substitute. There is a direct call to respond to the message in repentance and faith, and a prayer of commitment is included. Suitable for a wide variety of evangelistic uses, and for use at Easter services and events.

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Contributors Tim Thornborough
ISBN 9781905564644
Format Tract
First published September 2007
Dimensions 105mm x 149mm x 0.6mm
Weight 0.01 kg
Language English
Pages 6
Publisher The Good Book Company

Other information

This tract is part of our Access for All range, where care has been taken to write in clear, simple English, so it is accessible to the widest range of adults and those with English as an additional language.

Customer reviews

1 Jun 2011

“Clear and concise gospel statement”

Tells of the victory Jesus won at Calvary; how God has a plan for the whole of creation and that includes us at an individual level. States the need for a personal decision to accept and follow Jesus the victor - all that's required all year round, not just Easter.

18 Apr 2008

“An excellent 'handout' at Easter - or at any time from a bookstall.”

(Review written for 'Why did Jesus rise? (Access for All)')

This comprehensive little booklet shows why Professor Dawkins and his fellow atheists avoid writing about the resurrection. Its crucial place between the cross and final return of Jesus in judgement is succinctly explained. The evidence is clearly presented as is the personal response required. The basic questions, 'Did it happen?' and 'Does it matter?', are answered and used rightly this booklet is ideal for leading into deeper discussion. Highly recommended.

18 Apr 2008

“A challanging introduction to the reasons for the resurection.”

(Review written for 'Why did Jesus rise? (Access for All)')

We got these for our Easter services so we could invited people to take them after the messages that were given. The passage from Acts 10:39-43 is clearly explained with the major points (sin, forgiveness and judgement) being highlighted. The cover is attractive and well designed. We have used this to leave with people when doing door to door work or for people to take from the back of church. Ideal to give away as it is clear and challenging. The only fault with it is there is limited room for a contact number on the back (you will need a small lable), otherwise a useful evangelistic tool.

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