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Transformed by God (ebook)

Transformed by God ebook

New Covenant Life and Ministry

A new study of the New Covenant, the gospel and Christian living.

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Across the centuries, as people have considered their individual and social needs, many solutions for transforming human existence have been offered — psychological, political and religious. However, the New Testament claims that genuine and lasting change can only be found in Jesus Christ. The transformation he makes possible is spiritual, moral and physical, bringing us ultimately to share in his resurrection from death in a new creation.

Foundational to this teaching is the promise of 'a new covenant' in Jeremiah 31:31-34 and in parallel predictions in Ezekiel and Isaiah. In this valuable new study, David Peterson expounds Jeremiah's oracle and its significant influence on the way New Testament writers understand transformation in Christ. The definitive forgiveness of sins achieved by his sacrificial death brings a new knowledge or experience of God and his grace, which transforms hearts and minds, leading to a new devotion to God and obedience to his will. In this way, the people of the New Covenant are established in an eternal relationship with God and a renewed community that embraces every nation.

In terms of the Bible's teaching as a whole, the New Covenant fulfils and perfects the covenant first established by God with Abraham and his offspring. It has profound implications for Christian ministry, with respect to both evangelism and the nurture of believers.

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Contributors David Peterson
ISBN 9781844748969
Format eBook
Language English
Publisher IVP

Carl R. Trueman

Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia

Those familiar with the work of David Peterson will know what to expect from any book he writes: careful exegesis, attention to biblical theology, doctrinal synthesis and practical application. This book does not disappoint in any of these areas as David expounds the nature of the Christian life within biblical-theological context. This is Christian scholarship at its best - in the service of the church.

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