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The Book of the Covenant ebook

The Bible's unfolding story of relationship with God

from 3 reviews

A Bible overview tracing the covenant theme through the Bible.

Part of the Accessible Theology series.

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Christians are people of the new covenant made by Jesus’ death on the cross. But what exactly is a covenant?

And how does Christ’s new covenant fullfil and complete all the other covenants that God made with his people in the Old Testament?

This gripping and highly readable book gives us a sweeping overview of the Bible as it charts the different “deals” that God has made with people in Scripture. It shows how the covenants with Abraham, David, Moses and others all foreshadow the new covenant to come in Jesus, and it helps us see with greater clarity the plan of God as it unfolds through the Bible story.

With practical application, and careful, generous discussion of some contentious issues in Christian thinking, this book will help believers of every stage get to grips with this central theme of the Bible.

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  • PART ONE: God's Offer of Covenant Relationship
    1. What Is a Covenant?
    2. The Covenants: United but Different

  • PART TWO: The Seven Divine Covenants
    3. The Creational Covenant: "And it was very good"
    4. The Covenant with Adam: "Through the obedience of the one man"
    5. The Covenant with Noah: "Never again will I curse the ground"
    6. The Covenant with Abraham: "To your descendants I give this land"
    7. The Covenant with Moses: "The Ten Commandments"
    8. The Covenant with David: "I will establish his throne for ever"
    9. The New Covenant: "Better promises"

  • PART THREE: Reading Scripture the Covenant Way
    10. The Book of the Covenant
    Appendix: notes on the dating of OT books

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Contributors B N Howard
ISBN 9781908762986
Format eBook
First published March 2013
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company

Rico Tice

Founder, Christianity Explored Ministries

Reading this clear and extremely well illustrated book, I was very struck by the fact that if I could get a good grasp of this one word 'Covenant', then it's like an axe blade that enables me to open up not just every book of the Bible, but every chapter.  I pray that many will internalise this outstanding tool of Biblical understanding.

Mel Lacy

Youth and Children's Ministry Programme Director, Oak Hill Theological College

This is a thoroughly enjoyable and extremely well written book. It has a fluidity to it that makes it hard to put down! It is a thrilling read as it clearly unpacks the concept and significance of God’s covenantal relationships with his people through the biblical narrative. Above all though this book will warm your heart and encourage you spiritually as it helps you to rejoice in the God of the covenant and leads you to the Lord Jesus.

Robin Weekes

Senior Minister, Emmanuel Church, Wimbledon

A stimulating book helping us to grasp the wonder of the gospel and what it means for God to be our God and for us to be His people.

Customer reviews

18 Jul 2014

“Good survey of OT & NT”

(Review written for 'The Book of the Covenant')

I read this book right after Richard Dawkins, "God Delusion" which traumatized me. This book actually referred to passages that Richard Dawkins mentioned in his book and answered many questions. He should read this book, too. None of the Christian reading materials should be read as a substitute of the Scripture. This book is good because it has made me understand the Scripture better and allowed me to read the Scripture in a different way. I also appreciate the fact that this book is not dense with academic nomenclatures. Very friendly to all levels of readers.

15 May 2014

“Great book - good starting point for a youth group series?”

(Review written for 'The Book of the Covenant')

I've come back to this book as some of our youth group have been asking very good questions about why we seem to 'ignore' large parts of the Bible (like food laws), but take other parts (like the teaching on sex) really seriously. We're therefore doing a series of talks on the covenants as a Bible Overview, with a view to seeing what's changed and what's stayed the same in how humans relate to God throughout history. I'm really grateful for 'The Book of the Covenant' - great illustrations, clear structure, very readable, and full of great insights on how the Bible fits together that have been a big help to me. Highly recommended.

27 Apr 2013

“A beautifully and readably written overview”

(Review written for 'The Book of the Covenant')

Beautifully and readably written. A passionately felt overview of the bible, thought-provoking and sincere

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The Book of the Covenant (ebook) | B N Howard |
£5.99 £4.79