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Totally Transformed (German)

Totally Transformed (German)

Sex, Drink, Parents, God...and you

If you are in Christ, you are a new creation. God has totally transformed you! Find out how!


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Whether you feel good about yourself or lousy about yourself, sometimes it’s hard to feel excited about living as a Christian. Sure, you know it’s all true, and you know deep down that you want to follow Jesus, but sometimes it’s just hard work to obey him. So every now and again, you just say “stuff it”, and you start living in ways that you know bring huge dishonour to the name of Jesus.

If you feel like that, then this book is good news for you. “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”

If you’ve become a Christian God has made you to be a brand new person, and he’s designed a new and exciting life for you to lead, and has given you everything you'll ever need to live it. He has totally transformed you!

Need some convincing? Well, fasten your seat belts and hang on tight. Flip open the cover and start to read about the new you. A totally transformed you.

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  • Section 1: A Totally Transformed Me!
    1. I want to feel new!
    2. God has transformed me!
    3. I’ve got a whole new way to live!

  • Section 2: Totally Transformed Speech
    4. Your most powerful weapon
    5. Words that tear down
    6. Words that build up
    7. Words that encourage

  • Section 3: Totally Transformed Fun
    8. The blessing of alcohol
    9. The danger of alcohol
    10. So—have you thought about …?

  • Section 4: Totally Transformed Submission
    11. The joy of submitting
    12. Submitting to parents
    13. Three tricky questions

  • Section 5: Totally Transformed Sex
    14. The great gift of sex
    15. Not even a hint
    16. The power to make a choice

  • Section 6: Totally Transformed Mission
    17. You’ve changed kingdoms
    18. Use your light to change the darkness
    19. Four steps to bring your friends to Christ

  • Section 7: A Totally Transformed Life
    20. From death to life
    21. How do I start?


Age range: 14+
Contributors Tim Hawkins
ISBN 9783957900777
Format Paperback
Dimensions 200mm x 270mm x 10mm
Weight 0.38 kg
Language German
Pages 140
Publisher rigatio
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