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Brave by Faith (German)

Brave by Faith (German)

God-Sized Confidence in a Post-Christian World

Learn from the book of Daniel how to live confidently for Christ today.


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In this realistic yet positive book, renowned Bible teacher Alistair Begg examines the first seven chapters of Daniel to show us how to live bravely, confidently and obediently in an increasingly secular society.

Readers will see that God is powerful and God is sovereign, and even in the face of circumstances that appear to be prevailing against his people, we may trust him entirely.

We can be as brave as Daniel if we have faith in Daniel’s God!

“The message of Daniel is incredibly relevant for us in our generation. Not because it maps out a strategy for how to deal with our new lack of status ... or because Daniel was a great man and we need to follow his example. The reason is that it will help us to believe in Daniel’s God.” Alistair Begg, author.

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  • Intro: The Wind Has Changed
    1. Know Your Lines
    2. Keep Your Confidence
    3. Obey God (Despite the Consequences)
    4. Speak Out (Because God Is Big)
    5. See Through the Glitter
    6. Serve Well, Stand Firm
    7. Take Heart—God Wins
    Conclusion: Jesus Shall Reign


Contributors Alistair Begg
ISBN 9783944799339
Format Paperback
First published December 2022
Dimensions 135mm x 205mm x 11mm
Language German
Pages 144
Publisher 3L Verlag

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