The Fright of Your Life

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Halloween tract for teenagers - great for giving to trick or treaters!

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This colourful tract is designed for use with teenagers (11+), either to hand out at the door on halloween, or as part of an 'alternative' halloween party. Focuses on the power and glory of Jesus Christ.

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Age range: 11+
Contributors Tim Thornborough
ISBN 9781908762269
Format Tract
First published August 2012
Dimensions 142mm x 148mm x 1mm
Weight 0.01 kg
Language English
Pages 6
Publisher The Good Book Company
Customer reviews

28 Nov 2016

“Jesus centred teen tract”

I had 70 trick or treaters last year and wanted to be prepared for the teenagers this year (you could give to KS2 but expresses teen mentality on back ie. fear of failing exams etc). I loved the name of Jesus mentioned throughout, not just 'God' as in many. the emphasis is on Jesus defeating fear and the greatest fear - death. Useful link to Christianity Explored on the back for people to find out more. couple of criticisms, it's a bit long for a tract but hopefully the spiritually hungry will sit and read to the end and it is very readable and clear. Also no way of salvation given although that would make it even longer! The link would offer this if pursued. Didn't get to use it this time but will next year I hope!

31 Dec 2014

“Light shines in darkness”

I used this at the Pagan Festival in Croydon, the biggest in the world, and it was hopefully helpful in steering some of these dear folk towards Jesus, the Light of the World.

14 Nov 2014

“Good leaflet”

This was an interesting leaflet, I'm not sure what impact it had on the young people i gave it to, as they were tricker treaters that came to my door on Halloween Night. But the leaflet did draw you in, which was good. Very good design. Thank you for enabling me to provide something of the Christian message on a not so Christian night!! :)

3 Dec 2012

“Very effective tract for teenagers”

Does a brilliant job in showing readers how we all fear various things some of which are humorous and others are more serious. Brings out that fearing death and God are facts we need to broach and should be our paramount fears.

24 Nov 2012

“Good for teenagers on Halloween”

A very well-written leaflet which I feel will be well received by teenagers.

20 Nov 2012

“Unusual tract with a good message”

I thought that this leaflet was unusual, but has a very good message, with an attractive and interesting layout. We bought some for use at Hallowe'en, although it was marketed as a resource for that day, it isn't specifically aimed at Hallowe'en. I bought a significant number at the request of our pastor, who was going to preach on the subject of fear on the Sunday before Hallowe'en. Unfortunately he was signed off sick at the time, so looks like we will have them available for next year!

31 Oct 2012

“Very Helpful”

I found this a really useful resource to chat through Hallowe'en from a positive perspective, without pointing the finger at anyone who is involved in Hallowe'en stuff. It led to an open conversation about what Hallowe'en is really about and we focussed on God's power and glory. Would use again :)

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