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The Big Picture Story Bible (hardback)

The Big Picture Story Bible (hardback)

from 2 reviews

A beautifully illustrated Bible overview showing small children God’s big plan.

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No child is too young to begin learning about the greatest love story of all — God’s love for his people, as portrayed in the Bible.

David R Helm and Gail Schoonmaker collaborate to create a beautifully illustrated book of Bible stories especially for children, written with simplicity. Rather than simply retelling the most familiar short scenes from the Bible, this book presents the 'big picture' — the unified story running through the Old and New Testaments. This delightful book will help children learn the Bible’s whole story and begin to appreciate the fulfillment of God’s promise to his people.

The Big Picture Bible Story Book is perfect for parents to read to their children, and eventually, for children to read on their own. It is an excellent way to introduce them to a book that will guide them through all of life.

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  • The Old Testament
  • Part 1 - The very good beginning
  • Part 2 - A very sad day
  • Part 3 - Life outside the garden
  • Part 4 - God's big promise
  • Part 5 - God's people grow
  • Part 6 - God's people become great
  • Part 7 - God's great sign
  • Part 8 - Going into God's place
  • Part 9 - God's blessings grow
  • Part 10 - Another very sad day
  • Part 11 - God's promise remains
  • The New Testament
  • Part 12 - Many silent years
  • Part 13 - God's promised one is born
  • Part 14 - God's promised one is announced
  • Part 15 - God's new people are called
  • Part 16 - Jesus restores God's place
  • Part 17 - Jesus restores God's kingdom
  • Part 18 - A blind man sees
  • Part 19 - A dead man is raised to life
  • Part 20 - Jesus wears God's kingly crown
  • Part 21 - Jesus' followers are in the dark
  • Part 22 - A brand-new day
  • Part 23 - God's promise is explained
  • Part 24 - God's new kingdom spreads
  • Part 25 - Letters to live by
  • Part 26 - The very good ending


Age range: 4 - 7
Contributors David Helm, Gail Schoonmaker
ISBN 9781433543111
Format Hardback
First published September 2014
Dimensions 234mm x 235mm x 37mm
Print size 16pt
Language English
Pages 457
Publisher Crossway
Customer reviews


“Great Book”

Very interesting book with many colourful illustrations. My kids enjoy reading the book very muchI enjoy reading the book myself..As a new believer myself, the book serves as good summary reference supplement to the Bible especially in the Gospels. Great book and definitely worth buying!


“Great bible overview for kids”

Gods big picture for young children. My 3 year old ones it and it’s a great gift for friends children who are not familiar with the Gospel.

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The Big Picture Story Bible (hardback) | David Helm, Gail Schoonmaker | £21.99 £15.39