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The Bible: A Book Like No Other

The Bible: A Book Like No Other

John Stott & Tim Chester

How we need to continue in, respond to, interpret and expound God's Word in order to understand ourselves and our world

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John Stott’s The Contemporary Christian has been modernized and re-arranged into a series of short books for a new generation of believers.

Stott’s gifts of clarity and insight help readers to understand ourselves and our world through biblical lenses. This first book of the new series focuses on the urgent need to continue in, respond to, interpret and expound God's Word. Contains questions by Tim Chester at the end of each chapter.

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Contributors John Stott, Tim Chester
ISBN 9781783597703
Format Paperback
First published June 2019
Dimensions 130mm x 198mm x 10mm
Language English
Pages 112
Publisher IVP

Dr J I Packer

Board of Governors' Professor of Theology at Regent College, Vancouver, and the author of many, many books

Vintage Stott, with all that that implies. As usual, we find him digesting and deploying a wide range of material with a symmetry matching that of Mozart, a didactic force like that of J C Ryle, and a down-to-earth common sense that reminds one of G K Chesterton. This is really a pastoral essay, a sermon on paper aimed at changing people... an outstandingly good book. expository treat... Bible-based and well researched, intimate and magisterial in style. Passionately calm and generous to a fault, a beautifully written contribution to what Stott calls 'BBC':'balanced biblical Christianity'.

Revd Mark Meynell

Director (Europe & Caribbean) Langham Preaching, Langham Partnership and author of Cross-Examined and When Darkness Seems My Closest Friend

Technology has enabled more voices to clamour for our attention than ever before, while at the same time, people’s ability to listen carefully seems to have deteriorated like never before. John Stott’s speaking and writing was renowned for two things in particular. He taught us how to listen attentively to God in order to live faithfully for God, and he to modelled how listen to the world sensitively in order to communicate God’s purposes intelligibly. He taught us to listen. That is why it is such a thrill to see The Contemporary Christian carefully revived in a new format as this series for a new generation of readers. As we read, may we listen well!

David Johnston

Senior Minister at Hamilton Rd Presbyterian Church, Bangor, N Ireland

I was ten years into my ministry when The Contemporary Christian was published. I had already heard John Stott deliver some of the material in lecture form, but to have it in print was a real asset. It was a masterclass in presenting and applying the balanced biblical Christianity for which John Stott was renowned. It was extremely perceptive with its call for double-listening, and it was intensely practical, especially in the chapters on preaching and pastors. It was also unusually personal for John Stott, with his poignant appeal for 'young Timothys' which was penned as he celebrated his statutory 'three score years and ten', after which, he said, 'every new day is a bonus which I receive gratefully from God's hand.'
I am so glad that these timeless truths are now available to a new generation of 'Timothys'.

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The Bible: A Book Like No Other | John Stott, Tim Chester | £3.99 £3.39