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The Christmas Promise Colouring and Activity Book

Colouring, puzzles, mazes and more

from 9 reviews

Colouring and activity book for kids ages 4-8 based around 'The Christmas Promise' Bible storybook.

Part of the Tales that Tell the Truth series.

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The Christmas Promise Storybook

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32 pages of Christmas colouring, puzzles, mazes and activities for 4-8 year olds.

Use alongside The Christmas Promise Storybook to discover exactly how God kept his promise to send a king unlike any other: a new, rescuing forever king.

Awesome present/ stocking filler for children, grandchildren, godchildren who enjoy colouring and learning about God.

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• Full size Illustrations to use when reading The Christmas Promise aloud

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Age range: 4+
Contributors Alison Mitchell, Catalina Echeverri
ISBN 9781784980139
Format Paperback
First published October 2015
Dimensions 210mm x 297mm x 2.1mm
Weight 0.11 kg
Language English
Pages 32
Publisher The Good Book Company

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Customer reviews

21 Oct 2023

“A Christmas Book for All Seasons!”

(Review written for 'The Christmas Promise Storybook and Coloring Book Bundle')

Discover the Christmas story through a beautiful retelling with stunning illustrations. This book is a book for all seasons! And presents the gospel in a clear and concise manner reinforcing, Jesus as the rescuing king, the forever king. I love sharing this book with my kids, and it's a perfect gift for Christmas.

29 Dec 2022

“Excellent & Gospel Christ centered”

This is an excellent tool to teach children the Christmas story of Christ the King coming to save sinners. We gave this out to all the children at our church. It is fun, interactive and God exalting. Thank you!

14 Dec 2022

“Excellent resource”

This is an excellent resource for children to learn the Christmas story through a colouring book. There is a good range of activities throughout the book so it is suitable for a range of ages.

16 Jan 2019

“Good gift”

(Review written for 'The Christmas Promise Giant Colouring Poster')

My 6-year-old grand daughter enjoyed this - but we will have to finish it next Christmas!

15 Jan 2019

“Prefer colourful and clearer pictures”

I do not want to be too critical... To be truthful, I personally prefer clearer pictures. I had nothing against the puzzles,mazes, word searches etc but I fet there was nothing that STOOD OUT to me. Perhaps if I had bought the story book it might have been different. In actual fact I used some other material I had already for that. The colouring poster was good and well received by the children. Sorry.

10 Jan 2018

“great colouring activity”

(Review written for 'The Christmas Promise Giant Colouring Poster')

We used this poster as a colouring activity at our mid week clubs, and children and adults alike enjoyed choosing a bit to colour and working together at it. The large size meant at least 4-6 people could work on this at the same time. The words provided a helpful talking point - what does Forever King and Rescuing King mean etc? It looks nice displayed on the wall too!

17 Dec 2016

“Fun Christmas poster”

(Review written for 'The Christmas Promise Giant Colouring Poster')

My children have had a lot of fun colouring in this poster- it has taken up several hours and reminded them of who Jesus is and His birth at Christmas.

14 Dec 2015

“good variety and pleanty of Nativity images to draw and discuss.”

I gave 2 of these books to my grandchildren before Christmas as an advent gift. They are 5 and 7 and immediately got involved in the drawing and puzzles. There is a good variety of activities and the pictures give plenty of opportunities for talking about Jesus

25 Nov 2015

“A good way to get the kiddos into the Christmas spirit”

So I will confess I was a bit dubious when I received The Christmas Promise: Colouring and Activity Book. It felt a bit thin and I wondered just how engaged my kiddos would be when I asked them to have a go. This instinct was about right for my 9 year old who only gave this book a quick flick through. But for my 6 year old The Christmas Promise: Colouring and Activity Book was pure gold. The puzzles and colouring tasks are pitched just right for him. He was captivated by this book, and it transported him into his own little imaginative world. While he coloured I would ask Bible content questions, which he was more than happy to answer because the questions corresponded with the activity he was doing at the time. But to be honest, most of the time he was happy to just engage with this book on his own. When I wasn't looking, he began to evangelise his younger brother (age 2) using the pictures he had drawn as a prompt.

Our son worked through the whole book in about 2 sessions, so there is a pretty short shelf-life to this edition. I guess my only request would be that it was a bit longer, but for £3 it’s about what one would expect. All in all, this is a good Saturday morning’s worth of fun and a good way to get the kiddos into the Christmas spirit.

I was given this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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The Christmas Promise Colouring and Activity Book | Alison Mitchell, Catalina Echeverri |
£3.99 £3.39