Betsey Stockton (Albanian)

Betsey Stockton (Albanian)

The Girl With a Missionary Dream

Laura Wickham

Inspiring children's biography of Betsey Stockton, who, despite being born enslaved, followed her dream of being a missionary.

Part of the Do Great Things For God series.


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When young Betsey joined a missionary voyage to Hawaii, everyone was shocked. “A single woman, who was born enslaved, going to mission? How extraordinary!”

But that’s exactly who Betsey was—an extraordinary girl who believed in an extraordinary God!

Follow her adventurous five-month journey across the Pacific Ocean. A journey of laughter, tears, prayer and even a newborn life! A journey that would take her to the shores of beautiful Hawaii, where she would finally be able to do what she’d always dreamt of—be a missionary.

How extraordinary indeed.

Children will enjoy this beautifully illustrated children's biography of Betsey Stockton (c. 1798-1865), who, despite being born enslaved, followed her dream of being a missionary to Hawaii.

Can be read to young children aged 4-5, and read by children aged 6 plus.

Part of the new Do Great Things For God series. By exploring the lives of inspiring Christian women, this series will enthuse young children about the great things they can do for God.

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  • Betsey Stockton: Illustrated Biography
    Further Notes About Betsey for Adults and Older Children


Age range: 3+
Contributors Laura Wickham
ISBN 9789928295781
Format Paperback
First published November 2021
Dimensions 190mm x 233mm x 2mm
Weight 0.10 kg
Language Albanian
Pages 24
Publisher ZGG-Albania

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