Searching for Christmas (ebook)

Searching for Christmas ebook

What if There's More to the Story Than You Thought?

Discover the awesome God at the heart of the familiar Christmas story and discover the joy, hope, purpose, and belonging we're all searching for.

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Available from Oct. 1, 2020
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Most of us are familiar with the events of the first Christmas—the manger scene, shepherds watching sheep, angels singing their songs, and wise men arriving—but what if there’s more to the story? What if the birth of Jesus is actually the most significant event in all of history and can transform our lives?

This evangelistic book goes beyond the birth of Jesus to look at what he did when he grew up and how he fulfilled the names given to him centuries beforehand by the prophet Isaiah.

In a compelling, insightful, winsome and personal way, J.D. Greear shows that if we get to know the God who lies behind the Christmas story and at the heart of the Christmas story, we'll discover the joy, hope, purpose and belonging we're all searching for.

Readers will see that Jesus is the Wonderful Counsellor, who can guide them in all truth; the Mighty God, who made and owns everything; the Eternal Father, who they can trust to love them for ever; and the Prince of Peace, who died in their place so that they can be forgiven and accepted eternally.

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  • 1. Boyfriend Fail
  • 2. He Gets It
  • 3. On Your Side
  • 4. Never Disappointing (Ever)
  • 5. Accepted and Welcomed
  • 6. What Do You Call God?


Author J D Greear
ISBN 9781784985530
Format Digital Download
First published October 2020
Language English
Pages 64
Publisher The Good Book Company
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Searching for Christmas (ebook) | J D Greear | £2.99 £2.39