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Repeat the Sounding Joy

A Daily Advent Devotional on Luke 1 – 2

from 11 reviews

24 Advent readings that bring the joy of Christmas to life

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In this Advent journey through Luke 1 – 2, Christopher Ash brings these familiar passages to life with fresh insight, colour and depth.

As you soak up the Scriptures, you'll experience the joy of Christmas through the eyes of those who witnessed it first hand, from Mary and Elizabeth to the Shepherds and Simeon. This devotional will help you to celebrate afresh the arrival of the long-awaited Messiah in history, and learn what it means to wait for him with joyful expectation today.

Each day's reading includes a short reflection, a prayer, a carol, and space to journal, helping you to treasure the Lord Jesus in your heart in the hectic run-up to Christmas.

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  • Introduction
  • 24 readings from Luke 1 – 2:
  • 1. A reassuring certainty (1:1-4)
  • 2. Poignant hope (1:5-7)
  • 3. Coming home (1:8-17)
  • 4. Resting on a word (1:18-25)
  • 5. Good government at last (1:26-33)
  • 6. Conceived of a virgin (1:34)
  • 7. A powerful overshadowing (1:35)
  • 8. A wonderful faith (1:34-38)
  • 9. Jumping for joy (1:39-45)
  • 10. The humble lifted high (1:46-55)
  • 11. Rescue from terrible enemies (1:56-75)
  • 12. An ancient promise remembered (1:72-73)
  • 13. Light has dawned (1:76-80)
  • 14. The shadow of the cross (2:1-7)
  • 15. Victory in weakness (2:8-12)
  • 16. Glory and peace (2:13-18)
  • 17. Treasuring and pondering (2:18-20)
  • 18. Jesus! (2:21)
  • 19. Waiting with hope (2:22-25)
  • 20. Good news for the world (2:26-32)
  • 21. A sword for the soul (2:33-35)
  • 22. Active waiting (2:36-37)
  • 23. Waiting together (2:38)
  • 24. The silent years (2:39-40, 51-52)

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Contributors Christopher Ash
ISBN 9781784983789
Format Paperback
First published October 2019
Dimensions 129mm x 198mm x 12mm
Language English
Pages 160
Publisher The Good Book Company

Sam Allberry

Speaker, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Christopher Ash shows us the refreshing, startling realities that lie behind our Christmas festivities. Whether you’re familiar with the story of the birth of Jesus or yet to be convinced it has any real relevance to life today, this will make you sit up, think again, and give thanks for these events that happened so long ago. I’m going to enjoy using it.

Kathleen Nielson

Author; Speaker

These devotionals are digestible: they will go down easily in the busy days of Advent. They are profound: they will go down deep. Most wonderfully, they are word-filled: they will feed us with the truth and beauty of the Scriptures, and of the Savior whose advent we celebrate.

Lee Gatiss

Director, Church Society

In this delightful book, Christopher Ash takes us slowly but surely through the real story of Christmas from Luke’s Gospel, reflecting with insight and warmth on its deepest meaning and enabling us to both sing and pray with greater understanding and joy. A beautiful way to prepare our hearts for Christmas.

Independent reviews

Repeat the Sounding Joy by Christopher Ash

Alistair Chalmers, Chalmers, November 5th 2019

I’ve read a number of Ash’s books and I always enjoy how he finds the balance between giving enough information, without making it too difficult. This book will be a great companion for you as you intentionally take time over advent to stop and think about the significance of Jesus.... continue reading

Customer reviews


“Wonderful for young adults, but where is the Hymnal?”

Our family has truly been enjoying the content of this book. We have 3 young adults and it's not to long or to childish for their attention span. Usually devotionals are to childish or to dry. Repeat the sounding joy is just right in teaching/scripture content. However, our family loves to sing and I was excited that there were hymns in this book. Sadly, not only do we not know most of them, but they can be hard to find because there is no titles. This is possibly because we are Americans and these seem to be English hymns, but would it be possible to put out a digital hymnal with this product? Or at least where to find them. Our family would be grateful!


“‘Repeat the Sounding Joy’ by Christopher Ash”

I admit to being biased in favour of this author - largely because of the helpfulness of his book, ‘Zeal without Burnout’ when I was at a low ebb a few years ago. This was also published by ‘thegoodbook’ company.

‘Repeat the Sounding Joy’ is a daily Advent devotional book on Luke’s Gospel. The author invites the reader to travel with him through the first two chapters, arriving at the 25th December with a ‘heart that is thrilled by and thankful for the gift of the Lord Jesus.’

Over 24 days the reader is guided through a limited number of verses, followed by the author’s succinct comment, a suggested hymn to sing, a prayer to pray, and a ruled section for personal notes.

Repeat the Sounding Joy is perfect in length and content for either family or personal preparation for the most significant story of all time.


“highly recommended”

This was one of the Advent books recommended through our church. From the outset to completion the author has thrown fresh light on Scriptures which had become familiar. The daily reflections have touched our hearts and blessed us deeply. At first glance the oldness of the hymns seemed questionable, but we soon came to appreciate the Scriptural integrity of the words and each day we've found a sung version on YouTube so we could sing too.


“A treasure to enjoy every Christmas”

I'm reading this for the second Christmas because I enjoyed it last year. It's been such a blessing to me once again. Christopher Ash writes in such a kind and gentle tone that I feel like I'm sitting by the fire with him and listening to pearls of wisdom! I like the fact that it goes through Luke 1-2 very slowly so we can meditate on the Word. Next year I'll be buying copies for my friends.


“Hearts Revived!”

What a treasure is this beautiful Advent devotional! As Christopher Ash leads the reader through the narrative of the Incarnation as told in the Gospel of Luke, hearts are surely revived; at least my own was! This work will hold a place of honor on my most favorite Advent reading shelf.


“The ideal build up to Christmas”

(Review written for 'Repeat the Sounding Joy (ebook)')

Christopher's notes on Luke's birth narrative gave us the ideal build up to Christmas. Fresh and profound insights flowing out of the text; crystal clear explanations centred on Luke's big points; warm and engaging encouragements to respond appropriately; the perfect length for daily readings at a busy time of year. Our whole family agreed that next autumn we should encourage everyone we know to be getting hold of a copy and inviting Christopher to journey with them throughout the month of December - to not only go through the Christmas season with joy rekindled, but to prepare for Christ's return with convictions renewed.


“Thought provoking, to the point, brief”

I bought several copies and some of my homegroup used them, as well as my daughter and me. A really interesting, thought provoking view of the two chapters of Like. I loved the reference to a song each day, some well known, some new to me. And although I complained that the prayers were "old fashioned language" to start with, they varied so shut me up! thank you Christopher Ash


“Thoroughly recommended”

I found this book really helpful in the busyness of the weeks leading up to Christmas. There is so much to consider in those first two chapters of Luke and I was quite sad to have finished reading it.


“Excellent Family Advent Aid”

I purchased 5 copies of this advent study, and distributed them to various family members on December 1st. Without exception all those who followed the study for Advent were enthusiastic in their agreement it had made a difference to how we started each day and how we thought about the Christmas story. Some sang, others didn't recognise the hymns and didn't know the tunes (shameful evangelists!!), but all were blessed by their quiet time. Thank you so much, and I look forward to repeating the sounding joy next Advent.


“Loving it”

Clear, thoughtful, simple and heart-warming. Loving it (No religiosity which my wife loves, however she is less keen on the songs!)

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Repeat the Sounding Joy | Christopher Ash | £8.99 £5.63