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Nothing in my Hand I Bring

Understanding the differences between Roman Catholic and Protestant beliefs

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Looking at key issues, which continue to divide Protestants and Catholics, in light of the teaching of Scripture.

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When Ray Galea submitted his life to Christ, he had a problem on his hands: Which church should he go to?

"I did not want to assume that just because I was born a Catholic, this was by definition the right choice. I knew I could just as easily have been born a Baptist or a Mormon. So I spent the next six months reading and talking to priests and ministers to find out the differences between Catholics and Protestants. How did each of their teachings compare with the teaching of Jesus and the apostles?"

This book is a kind of retracing of Ray's investigation, looking at key issues which continue to divide Protestants and Catholics, and assessing them in light of the teaching of Scripture.

A challenging and invaluable book for Protestants and Catholics alike.

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  • 1. Growing up Catholic
    2. Which Catholicism?
    3. Christ and the Mass
    4. The Bible and the Church
    5. The way of salvation
    6. It's just grace
    7. Mary
    8. It is finished

  • Appendix: The New Catholicism

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Contributors Ray Galea
ISBN 9781921068874
Format Paperback
First published August 2007
Dimensions 138mm x 208mm x 8mm
Weight 0.13 kg
Print size 10.0pt
Language English
Pages 128
Publisher Matthias Media
Customer reviews

25 Apr 2016


This book came on time and in good condition as usual , would recommend The Good Book company anyday

4 Jun 2014

“An way to challenge us”

This is a very interesting book in one sense giving a perspective on a catholic's way of life but it could go a lot deeper and incredibly biased from one man's perspective with not enough theologic backing. I would suggest you read this book with an open mind but also I challenge you to try and look at the other perspective from a catholic's point of view and attend a catholic church to see whats its about.

We have two choices in this world. Either respect each others different churches and realise we are all together as one in Christ Universal Church or take the stance that we need to focus on converting everyone to our church's theology.

We may not all agree on each church individual theology but at the end of the Catholic or Protestant we believe that Christ came from Heaven to die for our sins. Let as rather not focus on pointing fingers you are wrong and I am right rather lets have a PASSION FOR UNITY.

10 Aug 2011

“A riveting story of one man's quest for truth!”

A rivetting story of one man's quest for truth! An easy to read book setting out the journey of a man brought up in Roman Catholicism who begins to question its traditional teachings. A very helpful book to give to Roman Catholic friends to help them see the truth of God’s Word for themselves, Also an excellent book for contemporary Christians who may not understand the implications of Roman Catholic teaching.

26 Feb 2009

“Excellent and very readable”

As a former Roman Catholic and RC seminarian (student priest, I found this book very informative, easy to read, engaging and not too heavy.
I would recommend this book to Roman Catholics, pastors, evangelists and Bible teachers.
Ray Galea has performed a great service!

18 Nov 2008

“An excellent resource”

Written by someone with a deep respect for his Catholic heritage, and a sincere search for the truth, this book is a real help to those seeking to be equipped in their defence of the biblical gospel in the face of false teaching from the Catholic Church.

An easy-to-understand read for anyone, this book is most suitable for:
Any Christian with friends who are Catholic;
Any Catholic who is seeking to find truth.

11 Oct 2008

“A good book but be careful who you give it to and how you use it”

The book says it is written for both Catholics and Christians, and on this basis I gave it to a friend with a Catholic background without reading it myself. This was probably a mistake on my part, but if I had read the book first I would not have given it to my friend. This is because unless you have discussed with your Catholic friend the differences between Christianity and Catholicism first, or the Catholic person to whom you have given the book has questioned the Catholic faith, I think this book is too great an assault on the Catholic faith. I have no reason to doubt what is written in the book, and I found it extremely useful for me as a Bible-believing Christian, but I will be more careful about how I use the book in the future.

24 Apr 2008

“Nothing in my hand I bring”

Moving, informative and insightful book about Roman Catholicism. Could be given to a carefully selected Roman Catholic, but would give great offense to most Catholics I suspect.
Probably this book will prove most useful to those trying to help Catholics or to Christians not clear on the huge differences between Roman Catholicism and Biblical Christianity.

12 Mar 2008

“Excellent book highlighting differences between Protestants and Roman”

What a good book this is, written by Ray Galea who is the Rector of a thriving multi-cultural church in Sydney. He describes how he was brought up in a devout Maltese Australian Catholic home. He explains in a very sensitive and compassionate way the significant differences between Roman Catholicism and Protestant Evangelical belief. In particular he writes about the Mass,the authority of the Bible, and justification (by faith alone, by grace alone, and in Christ alone). He concludes with a very helpful chapter on Mary, and another on the finished work of Christ.
It is very well written, is crystal clear and hugely clarified my understanding of Roman Catholicism. It would be very helpful for young Christians (and older ones!) who are not fully aware of the major differences between the two denominations. It would also be a very helpful evangelistic book (it is only 114 pages)for those who are investigating Christianity. I cannot recommend it warmly enough.

22 Feb 2008

“Informative, but too narrow in focus”

I found this book accessible and interesting in setting out some of the basic issues for Catholic converts. However, the author speaks from his own experience of a fairly traditional form of Catholicism. It's simply not so relevant to more liberal Catholicism. Also, an attempt to convince by assertion, rather than setting out reasoned arguments, undermines the usefulness in practical evangelism.

2 Feb 2008

“A helpful book on the relationship between Catholics and Protestants”

Anyone who has ever heard of the Roman Catholic Church should read this book. As a Catholic-turned-evangelical myself, I found this book clearly explains what I spend a lot of time failing to explain to people. As well as describing the key differences between Catholic and Protestant teaching, and why they matter, Galea also gives helpful insights into the relationship between the Church in Rome and the average Catholic sitting in Mass on a Sunday. The book is also very readable.

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Nothing in my Hand I Bring | Ray Galea |
£8.99 £7.97