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Why the Reformation still matters

Why the Reformation still matters

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The Reformation still matters for our interaction with Catholicism, but we also argue that in many ways evangelicals also need to rediscover the truths of the Reformation.

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Is the Reformation over?
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On 31 October 1517, Martin Luther posted his ninety-five theses on the castle church door in Wittenberg. More than any other event, this has the best claim to be the starting gun that set the Reformation in motion.

Five hundred years later, the Reformation still has important things to say. In this clear, incisive and accessible survey, Michael Reeves and Tim Chester show how the Reformation helps us answer questions like: How do we know what is true? Can we truly know God? How does God speak? What is wrong with us? How can we be saved? Who am I?

That many people today find the Reformation strange and remote exposes our preoccupation with this material world and this momentary life. If there is a world beyond this world, and a life beyond this life, then it doesn't seem to matter very much to us.

At its heart, the Reformation was a dispute about how we know God and how we can be right with him. At stake was our eternal future and it still is.

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Contributors Tim Chester, Michael Reeves
ISBN 9781783594078
Format Paperback
First published April 2016
Dimensions 150mm x 210mm x 20mm
Weight 0.23 kg
Language English
Pages 176
Publisher IVP
Independent reviews

Why the Reformation still Matters

Stuart Fisher, Evangelicals Now, 1 Nov 2016

This is a necessary book and I would heartily recommend it, especially to those considering the ministry. Those more familiar with its precious truths will find it refreshing and stimulating, but my fear is that those who need it most, as a helpful corrective, may well be dismissive. But though many may see it as a rehash of bygone ideas, they couldn’t be more mistaken.

If you are aware of the importance of the Reformation for today, then buy this book, read it and pass it on to a younger person. It will do them a power of good.... continue reading


Why the Reformation Still Matters

Kenneth Stewart, The Gospel Coalition, 28 Sep 2017

Reeves and Chester want to beat back the theological indifferentism that characterizes so much of evangelicalism. In Why the Reformation Still Matters, they do so with style and many a catchy phrase, attempting to take the big ideas of the Reformation era and show their timeliness. Justification by faith alone, the supreme authority of Scripture, union with Christ, and other such themes are worth restating for our new day.... continue reading

Customer reviews

27 Sep 2017

“Excellent publication dealing with major issues for today's church”

A book that not only deals with the past but the issues are up to date and affect us today. The reformation arguably

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Why the Reformation still matters | Tim Chester, Michael Reeves |
£9.99 £5.00