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Mark's Gospel (ESV)

from 9 reviews

This ESV single issue of Mark's Gospel is suitable for both personal or group study.

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This ESV single issue of Mark's Gospel is suitable for both personal or group study. Retaining the literary beauty much-loved in classic Bible translations, the English Standard Version is an accurate yet readable word for word Bible translation.

A new standard in English Bible versions

The English Standard Version is a new and highly accurate translation of the Bible from the original sources. It sits in the classic stream of word for word Bible translations, using the Revised Standard Version as a base but incorporating all the most recent advances in scholarship and changes in modern language use. It combines the utmost accuracy with readability and literary beauty, and as such it is ideal for personal devotional use or academic study, public reading or memorization.

The Translation Oversight Committee and Translation Review Board are composed of evangelical scholars from many different denominations and from various countries, led by Dr J I Packer of Regent College, Vancouver. Setting aside doctrinal difference and personal preferences they have striven to render the closest possible equivalent to the original in modern English.

In accordance with its commitment to word for word translation, the ESV uses gender-inclusive terms where the original word has no gender-specific connotation, but retains any gender-specific terms as in the original, as well as avoiding unnecessary changes to word order by retaining the generic 'he'.

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Contributors Mark
ISBN 9781873166963
Format Paperback
First published January 2004
Dimensions 110mm x 178mm x 3mm
Print size 8pt
Language English
Pages 48
Publisher The Good Book Company

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Customer reviews


“Very Speedy Arrival of the Good News!”

Ordered 35 copies of Mark’s Gospel to be delivered to Singapore. Service exceeded expectations with the Declaration Of the Good News arriving in time for the start of our Bible Study group a week later. PTL


“A good accompaniment to the CE course”

This ESV translation is well presented and easy to read. A slightly larger font size would make it more suitable for those readers who poor reading vision. Perhaps an additional large font version would be helpful. This Mark's Gospel edition is also very useful for a give away during door to door evangelism work. As is it a good accompaniment to all versions of the Christianity Explored courses.



I was asked to review two versions of Mark's gospel, The New International Version and the ESV. The intention is that we select a version for our group of Anglican Churches and have them available for parishioners.
I am disappointed that as far as I can see the English Standard Version uses American Spelling while the NIV uses English spelling.
I am also disappointed that the first letter of pronouns referring to Our Lord or to God are not capitalised. (I note that the NIV does not capilise them either.)
An example taken from the first page is:
"I have baptized you with water, he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit".
I also agree with Lindsay Dew with regard to the font size.


“Good gift”

These Gospels are a good size to give to people who have an interest in finding out about the Life of the Lord Jesus's and Salvation, if they don't have a Bible and need advice on where to start reading. The size makes them easy to keep in a handbag or coat pocket.


“Great to give away!”

The format, accuracy of translation, size and 'portability' makes this really easy to give away as a follow-up to conversations.


“great little book”

Great little book. Especially good for using with Christianity explored


“Bigger print face”

I bought these Gospels to give to my congregations to help them get into Mark in this Year B of the lectionary. The print size could have been bigger - with plenty of space either side of the paragraphs there would have been room to enlarge the font.


“Great Book and Service.”

Great book for evangelistic use. Good price and fast service.


“Good package for evangelistc use”

Attractive modern presentation. Readable typeface and size. Reasonable quality. Fabulous content!!

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