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Is Christmas Unbelievable? (German)

Four Questions Everyone Should Ask About the World's Most Famous Story

Rebecca McLaughlin

Explores the historical reliability of the biblical account of the birth of Jesus and how that provides a rational basis for Christian beliefs.


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Many people assume that the story of the baby in the manger at Bethlehem is just another made-up fantasy for kids. In this concise book, respected apologist Rebecca McLaughlin outlines the evidence that Jesus was a real person, explaining the reliability of the Bible’s accounts of his life and why believing in a virgin birth is not as ridiculous as it might sound.

This book shows that there is a rational basis for the belief that the world’s most famous story is fact, not fantasy—and how those events in history can infuse our lives today with meaning and joy.

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  • Introduction
    1. Was Jesus Even a Real Person?
    2. Weren't the Gospels Made up Later?
    3. How Can You Believe in a Virgin Birth?
    4. Aren't We All Just Stories in the End?

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Contributors Rebecca McLaughlin
ISBN 9783863535568
Format Paperback
First published September 2022
Dimensions 110mm x 180mm x 6mm
Weight 0.06 kg
Language German
Pages 64
Publisher Christliche Verlagsgesellscaft

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