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Meeting with Jesus

Meeting with Jesus

A Daily Bible Reading Plan for Kids

Walks tweens through the story of Jesus in the Gospels over the course of a year.

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Following up his popular book Exploring the Bible, David Murray has written a new reading plan for older children and tweens that focuses on Jesus Christ.

This volume walks kids through the story of Jesus in the Gospels over the course of a year. Each of the 52 weekly "meetings with Jesus" teaches a new truth about Jesus through 6 days of Bible reading and includes interactive reflection questions, space for prayer and application, memory verses, and lines for sermon notes.

In less than 5 minutes a day, tweens will get to know Jesus and his offer of abundant life.

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  • Meeting 1: Jesus Is Promised
    Meeting 2: Jesus Is Joy
    Meeting 3: Jesus Arrives
    Meeting 4: Jesus Grows Up
    Meeting 5: Jesus Goes Public
    Meeting 6: Jesus Calls
    Meeting 7: Jesus Refreshes
    Meeting 8: Jesus Preaches
    Meeting 9: Jesus Fishes and Forgives
    Meeting 10: Jesus Rules
    Meeting 11: Jesus Loves
    Meeting 12: Jesus Surprises
    Meeting 13: Jesus Sows
    Meeting 14: Jesus Tells Stories
    Meeting 15: Jesus Heals
    Meeting 16: Jesus Supplies
    Meeting 17: Jesus Rebukes
    Meeting 18: Jesus First
    Meeting 19: Jesus Enlightens
    Meeting 20: Jesus Shepherds
    Meeting 21: Jesus Harvests
    Meeting 22: Jesus Protects
    Meeting 23: Jesus Judges
    Meeting 24: Jesus Warns
    Meeting 25: Jesus Prepares
    Meeting 26: Jesus Illustrates
    Meeting 27: Jesus Changes
    Meeting 28: Jesus Finds
    Meeting 29: Jesus Stewards
    Meeting 30: Jesus Resurrects
    Meeting 31: Jesus Reigns
    Meeting 32: Jesus Befriends
    Meeting 33: Jesus Gifts
    Meeting 34: Jesus Weeps
    Meeting 35: Jesus Builds
    Meeting 36: Jesus Predicts
    Meeting 37: Jesus Finishes
    Meeting 38: Jesus Substitutes
    Meeting 39: Jesus Serves
    Meeting 40: Jesus Calms
    Meeting 41: Jesus Makes Fruitful
    Meeting 42: Jesus Comforts
    Meeting 43: Jesus Prays
    Meeting 44: Jesus Deserted
    Meeting 45: Jesus Is Judged
    Meeting 46: Jesus Dies
    Meeting 47: Jesus Lives
    Meeting 48: Jesus Warms Hearts
    Meeting 49: Jesus Feeds
    Meeting 50: Jesus Ascends


Age range: 8+
Contributors David Murray
ISBN 9781433565953
Format Paperback
First published May 2020
Dimensions 184mm x 227mm x 12mm
Weight 0.42 kg
Language English
Pages 208
Publisher Crossway

Rosaria C Butterfield

Author of Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert and The Gospel Comes With a House Key

Christians care about children as precious image bearers of a holy God, not ‘mini-mes’ or idols or pawns. Christians treat children as real people whose inherent worth necessitates that they meet Jesus, for even before our children know Jesus, we have confidence that our covenantal God knows them. Pastor David Murray is our most trusted source for biblical material for children, material that respects the integrity of even the smallest infant in the covenant family. Meeting with Jesus is a gem, offering children accessible questions and gentle guidance that can lead to a lifetime of good practices, while at the same time providing parents and grandparents a clear and daily way to put the hand of a child into the hand of the Savior. I can’t wait to buy many copies for my children and my grandson!

Rebecca VanDoodewaard

Author, The Doctor Who Became a Preacher and The Woman Who Loved to Give Books

One of the most important things that we can teach our children is how to think. In Meeting With Jesus, David Murray gives our children the tools they need to start thinking about the person and work of Christ—thought that is foundational for life and eternity. By asking good questions, encouraging close reading, facilitating Scripture memorization, and orienting kids to their local church, David helps set up habits that will be a lifelong blessing for young readers.

Tim Challies

Blogger; author, Seasons of Sorrow

David Murray’s devotionals for children have left an indelible impression on my three kids. I’m so thankful he has now extended the series to Meeting with Jesus. My only regret is that my kids have grown up and are now a bit too old for it! But I have every confidence it will serve your children just as well as the previous volume served mine.

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Meeting with Jesus | David Murray |
£14.99 £10.94