St Peter's Fulham

Not If But When
John Perritt
£7.99 £6.39

Kids book of the term - Spring 2024

No Greater Love
£13.99 £11.89

Women's Book of the term - Spring 2024

Reclaiming Masculinity
£8.99 £7.64

Men's Book of the term - Spring 2024

Helen Roseveare
£8.99 £6.99

Children's book of the summer 2023

Through Gates of Splendour
£9.99 £8.99

Adult book of the summer 2023

Is God Anti-gay?
£6.99 £5.94

Book of the term Summer 2023

Healing the Divides
£8.99 £7.64

Adult book of the term Spring 2023

Why am I feeling like this?
£10.99 £8.79

Youth book of the term Spring 2023

His Grace Is Enough
£6.99 £5.94

Children's book of the term Spring 2023

Meals With Jesus
£6.99 £5.94

Recommended for families - Lent devotionals

The Wonder of Easter
£6.99 £5.94

Recommended for families - Lent devotionals

A Praying Life
£14.99 £10.49

Recommended by Roo

God's Very Good Idea Storybook
£9.99 £7.99

"Baby milk" A wonderful book that celebrates how God has made us all different and explains why we all need the gospel. Great for 4-7s. All the books in the series that this one comes from are brilliant so consider this a recommendation for all of the "Tales that Tell the Truth"!

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The Beginner's Bible
£12.99 £8.96

"Baby milk" A great first Bible, this selection of short Bible stories from across the Old and New Testaments is suitable for toddlers and up.

Jesus Storybook Bible
£17.99 £12.85

"Baby milk" A great Bible for 7-11s, which shows how all of the scriptures point to Jesus!

Everyone a Child Should Know
£9.99 £8.49

"Baby milk" Wonderful bite-size biographies introducing children to some Christians of the past whose example of living like Jesus can encourage us to live like Jesus.

Everything a Child Should Know About God
£9.99 £8.49

"Baby milk" The title of this book tells you everything you need to know about it! Lovely illustrations, concise explanations and questions to help younger children engage with what you're telling them.

What Happens When We Die?
£7.99 £6.79

"Milkshake" A great book for youth if they have questions about life after death - there are other books in the series answering other tricky topics too.

Hanging In There
£6.99 £5.59

"Milkshake" For teenagers - an easy read, truthful and practical. Aimed to help teenagers to both survive and thrive as Christians

The Prodigal God
£9.99 £7.49

"Skimmed" Helpful for both enquirers and believers, this book explores the Christian faith and its implications by looking at Jesus' famous parable of the prodigal son.

5 Things to Pray for the People You Love
£5.99 £5.09

"Skimmed" This book is part of an excellent series which will boost your prayer life with its biblical prayers for a range of people - explore them all!

Dig Deeper
£10.99 £8.79

"Skimmed" A jam-packed toolbox of tools to help you get to the bottom of any Bible package - it'll be really useful in your regular Bible reading!

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Christian Beliefs
£9.99 £5.00

"Skimmed" A clear and concise introduction to twenty beliefs at the heart of the Christian faith. If you enjoy Firm Foundations, you'll find this really helpful.

Why bother with church?
£4.99 £4.24

"Skimmed" Understanding what church is will help you appreciate why it is so important in the Christian life - this book is a brilliant guide!

Where was God when that happened?
£4.99 £4.24

"Skimmed" This book doesn't dodge the difficult questions as it unpacks how God works in our broken world.

Just Do Something
£10.49 £9.18

"Semi-skimmed" Want some guidance about how to make decisions as a Christian? This book will be a big help.

Honest Evangelism
£8.99 £7.64

"Semi-skimmed" This honest book will give you real encouragement in sharing your faith with friends and family even when it's hard.

Respectable Sins
£14.99 £13.49

"Semi-skimmed" This book will help you understand and throw off the 'respectable sins' that so easily entangle us as Christians.

Serving without sinking
£8.99 £7.64

"Semi-skimmed" Want to be joyful as you serve? Then this is the book for you!

Plugged In
£8.99 £7.64

"Semi-skimmed" Enjoy how Table Talk relates the Christian faith to the world around us? This book will help you do the same, whatever you read / watch / play.

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The Cross of Christ
£17.99 £13.99

"Full-fat" This modern classic unpacks the centrality of the cross to the Christian faith and explores the implications of Jesus' death for us.

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A Peculiar Glory
£9.99 £7.99

"Full-fat" This significant book will give you a solid foundation for believing the Bible is the word of God and help you enjoy reading it in this way.

The Whole Christ
£21.99 £16.81

"Full-fat" What place should the Old Testament law have in a Christian's life? This stretching book explores this question through the lens of an episode in church history.

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God's Good Design
£11.99 £9.59

"Full-fat" An accessible yet thorough look at the Bible's teaching about how men and women are to relate in the home and the church.

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God and the Transgender Debate
£9.99 £8.99

"Full-fat" An excellent biblical guide to the issues in this contemporary debate.