The Acts of the Holy Spirit infographic

Andre Parker | August 22nd 2012

And here is our latest exciting infographic: a timeline of Acts and the Epistles.

Sandy Grant

12:01 PM GMT on January 8th
Thanks for this very helpful chart.

Is it possible to include in the fine print somewhere a reference to which works of which NT historians you are relying on. There are a couple of dating issues that affect this chart. For example, Paul Barnett inclines towards 33AD rather than 30AD for the crucifixion date.


3:54 AM BST on May 6th
I can't read it - resolution is off..


10:45 AM BST on May 6th
Hi Dawson,

Thanks for your comment. You should be able to get a higher resolution version by clicking on the image. If you are still having problems with the resolution, please e-mail and we'll send you a high resolution version by e-mail.

Thanks for reading our blog,

The Good Book Blog Team
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