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Big God

Big God

How to approach suffering, spread the gospel, make decisions and pray in the light of a God who really is in the driving seat of the world

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Knowing a God with his hands well and truly on the steering wheel should bring great comfort to believers.

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Knowing a God with his hands well and truly on the steering wheel should bring great comfort to believers. But often it just leaves us scratching our heads in confusion. Why then do bad things happen? Where does that leave 'free will'? Does God choose us or do we choose God? What's the point of praying if God already knows what he's going to do?

Orlando Saer tackles these questions - and more - in a straightforward and engaging way. If you sometimes struggle to understand the way God works in the world, or to explain it to others, you will find light here. You'll also be left with a new appreciation of just how big the God of the Bible really is.

'I'd like to see your heart beating faster with joy and excitement at the thought of a God who's equally involved in the grandest event of history and the tiniest detail of your life!'
- Orlando Saer

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Contributors Orlando Saer
ISBN 9781781912942
Format Paperback
First published June 2014
Dimensions 130mm x 198mm x 11mm
Weight 0.16 kg
Language English
Pages 144
Publisher Christian Focus
Independent reviews

Big God

William Wolfe, 9Marks, 28 Aug 2014

As soon as I finished reading Big God I did two things. First, I prayed, and thanked the Lord for his perfect and powerful control over all time and existence. Second, I hopped on Amazon and planning to buy every other book by Orlando Saer that I could get my hands on.... continue reading

Customer reviews

24 Aug 2018

“A wonderful, chatty, introductory book about how God is in control of EVERYTHING”

Orlando specifically avoids tackling tricky theological terms like sovereignty, Deism, or Calvinism which might put off readers. Instead, he opts to let the Bible speak clearly and then carefully applies it to everyday issues of suffering, evangelism, decision-making, and prayer.

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Big God | Orlando Saer |
£7.99 £6.39