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The Action Bible

God's Redemptive Story

Sergio Cariello
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Bible paraphrase illustrated in a dynamic graphic-novel style. Uses NIV text. Revised and updated without the Apocrypha.

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This Bible paraphrase presents more than 230 Bible stories in chronological order, making it easy to follow the Bible's historical flow and building up to the thrilling climax of God's redemptive story.

It has been revised and updated without the Apocrypha. There are also:

- 25 new stories showcasing a more extensive exploration of God's work in our lives.

- 23 expanded stories highlighting additional experiences of the people who tell God's story.

- 128 new pages of illustrations deliver a richer artistic experience with more close-up faces, historical details, and dramatic colours.

Powerful graphic-novel style illustrations by Sergio Cariello (who has done work for Marvel and DC Comics) and clear storytelling will help kids to engage with God's word.

A lovely present for children aged 8-11.

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Age range: 8+
Contributors Sergio Cariello
ISBN 9780830777440
Format Hardback
First published September 2020
Dimensions 168mm x 257mm x 39mm
Weight 1.59 kg
Language English
Pages 832
Publisher David C Cook
Customer reviews

15 May 2024

“Action Required!”

Here is a Bible in pictures as well as text so it is mainly for children and yet its beauty will inspire adults as well. I order these as donations to others including Christian ministries. This is no easy thing to do because we can get Holy Bibles for much less. We can get New Testaments as well. There are even New Testaments with the Book of Psalms and the Book of Proverbs.

I saw this graphic novel comic style version on Revelation Tv on Sky 581 and Freeview 281. It was only later I learned there is an updated expanded version with more pictures and stories. There is also an updated and expanded version of The Action Bible New Testament so I have bought and shared these, too.


My first Bible cost two-and-six.
And how long ago that was.
My Bible had some coloured pics.
But not one that showed the Cross!
The decades passed until I bought
A New Testament as well.
A comic book, well done, I thought.
With some precious tales to tell!
Later still, I'm so glad to see,
There's The Action Bible, too.
With precious pictures and scenery,
So there's even more to view!
I'd like to get a hundred more,
And the Gospel still to share,
So other folks could then explore
Every revelation there!

Denis Martindale, for the 10th of January 2024.

The Gospel poem got shared on Revelation TV's
Prayer Time Live on Tuesday, the 16th of January 2024.

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The Action Bible | Sergio Cariello |
£22.99 £16.99