Colossians: The Complete Christian

8 interactive Bible studies for small groups and individuals

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Investigate Paul's simple by marvellous advice to Christians of all ages.

Part of the Interactive Bible Studies series.

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What is the normal Christian Life? What should Christians expect to experience? Is it simply a case of 'trust and obey' or is that too simplistic? What does it mean to be fully and genuinely a Christian?

Like almost every age before it, the latter half of the twentieth century has been marked by controversy over these questions and a resulting confusion among Christians about whether they are the 'genuine article'.

The Apostle Paul's short letter to the Colossians offers simple but marvellous answers to these questions. For the new Christians who want to be sure that they're on the right track, or for longer-serving Christians who are dazzled by the range of alternatives on offer, The Complete Christian sheds bright light on God's Word

An ideal study book for individuals or small groups.

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  • How to make the most of these studies

  • 1. Receiving and Continuing

  • 2. Christ Jesus as Lord

  • 3. The Great Transfer

  • 4. The Apostle of the Worldwide Christ

  • 5. Kidnapped

  • 6. True Spirituality

  • 7. True Spirituality: in the Household

  • 8. True Spirituality: in the World

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Contributors Phillip D Jensen, Tony Payne
ISBN 9781921441882
Format Paperback
First published March 2004
Dimensions 155mm x 226mm x 5mm
Weight 0.10 kg
Language English
Pages 56
No. of studies 8
Publisher Matthias Media
Customer reviews

14 Aug 2018

“On the whole well-put together, helpful and engaging”

On the whole this is a helpful set of studies. There is a good, balanced range of questions from the basic comprehension, through digging deeper to the Implications questions. They prompted some helpful discussions that drew everyone in. The group really did not appreciate so much, however, the two or three studies that dotted around the book picking up connecting themes, rather than going through passage by passage. There is surely a reason Paul wrote it as it is. Why re-arrange it for study?

20 Jul 2018


Helpful background information. It threw me that it kept jumping around from chapter to chapter so didn't work too well for the number of weeks I had available (4) which corresponded to the number of Bible chapters. I ended up combining this material with some Bible Society notes and pulling out themes and questions to fit my time scale.

24 Oct 2008

“stimulating, helpful layout.”

Our group likes having the notes within the body of the lesson, rather than having to turn to the back, as in some courses. We have the course stimulating and we are grateful for being reminded of Jesus divine nature.

30 Jul 2008

“A very useful, clear and reliable study guide”

This helped me to understand the main points of Colossians. I would recommend it. The only slight downside is that, unlike some other Bible study guides, full answers to the questions are not provided, but this is a feature of all the study guides in this series.

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Colossians: The Complete Christian | Phillip D Jensen, Tony Payne |
£3.50 £2.80