Bible Reading With Your Kids

Bible Reading With Your Kids

A simple guide for every father

A short, practical guide for Christian fathers on reading the Bible with their children.

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8 tips for reading the Bible with kids
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Bible Reading With Your Kids Calls on fathers to see the crucial importance of reading God’s word with their kids and highlights the power of God’s word as sufficient to create lasting faith even in young children.

It encourages fathers to engage their children with the actual words of Scripture and to do this it provides lots of practical advice—including tips on everything from choosing which chunks of Scripture to read, to helping your child to stay focussed.

Provides concrete examples of what this can look like, particularly in the appendix.

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  • Introduction
  • Part I: Why and how
  • 1. Theological foundations
  • 2. Practical foundations
  • 3. How should I approach this?
  • 4. 8 practical tips
  • 5. A final encouragement
  • Part II: What this can look like
  • 6. Principles and guidelines for preparing younger children (aged 3-6)
  • 7. Sample Bible reading plans (for children aged 7-12)
  • 8. Sample Bible reading sessions (for children aged 7-12)


Author Jon Nielson
ISBN 9781922206220
Format Paperback
Dimensions 150mm x 220mm x 7mm
Language English
Publisher Matthias Media
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Bible Reading With Your Kids | Jon Nielson | £5.99 £4.99