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Wise Up

10 minute family devotions in Proverbs

Family devotional exploring Proverbs.

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Parents would like their children to “wise–up.” They know that wisdom will keep their children going in the right direction as they face all of the challenges of life. So Christian parents through the centuries have taught their children from Proverbs the godly wisdom needed to navigate the many choices we all make every day.

Marty Machowski, father and family pastor, knows how important it is for children to be pointed to the right path, so he has created a devotional resource with twelve studies. Using the popular and easy–to–use “ten–minutes a day” devotional approach from Long Story Short and Old Story New, parents will be able to help their children grow in wisdom and learn how to live a God honoring life.

But this resource doesn’t just give children direction for life’s choices. It moves beyond the practical wisdom of Proverbs, to connect the teaching of Solomon to God’s larger story of salvation. Children will compare the life of Solomon with the life of Christ to see that Jesus was greater in every way. Solomon’s wisdom, life, and failures all point to “something greater than Solomon”–they point to Jesus. The goal of this family devotional is to present the wisdom of Solomon against the backdrop of the gospel to show children that real wisdom comes only as we depend on Jesus for daily help and forgiveness. Each five–day session includes Bible reading, discussion questions, a fun activity, and songs for families. Wise Up will help make learning the truths of Proverbs fun and memorable and will point children to the true wisdom that is only found in Christ.

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  • Week 1
    THE REAL WISE MAN: The One We Must Learn to Trust

  • Week 2
    from Our Hearts

  • Week 3
    TWO VOICES CALL: Listening to the Voice of Wisdom

  • Week 4
    TWO PATHS: Recognizing the Path of Righteousness

  • Week 5
    GOD’S WORD: The Greatest Treasure

  • Week 6
    PAY ATTENTION: Learning to Follow Your Parents’ Instruction

  • Week 7
    WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES: Welcoming Correction

  • Week 8
    LOOKING TO THE ANTS: Learning Diligence

  • Week 9
    A GENEROUS HEART: Learning to Give

  • Week 10
    GOOD COMPANY: Becoming a True Friend

  • Week 11
    HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY: Learning to Speak the Truth

  • Week 12
    GOD IS LOVE: Loving as God Loves

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Contributors Marty Machowski
ISBN 9781942572749
Format Paperback
First published October 2016
Dimensions 141mm x 216mm x 8mm
Weight 0.21 kg
Language English
Publisher New Growth Press
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Wise Up | Marty Machowski |
£14.99 £12.49