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A Few Good Men

Inspiring Biblical heroes for todays' Christian men

from 6 reviews

Ten positive role models from the Bible inspire men to live for Christ

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A Few Good Men (ebook)

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A Few Good Men presents the reader with 10 positive role models from the Bible. From Obedient Noah to Loyal Onesiphorous, these character sketches combine dramatic story-telling with challenging and insightful comment.

What kind of man do you want to be? Who do you admire? Rugged sportsmen, smooth film stars and wild rock musicians all compete for our admiration. But are these men the role models that we should aspire to be?

Solidly founded on biblical narrative, these chapters will challenge and inspire readers to examine the struggles and temptations of these biblical men who face the same struggles that men still face today.

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  • Introduction

  • 1. Obedient Noah
    2. Sacrificial Abraham
    3. Self-disciplined Joseph
    4. Unworldy Moses
    5. Wholehearted Caleb
    6. Humble Isaiah
    7. Distinctive Daniel
    8. Pastoral Paul
    9. Prayerful Epaphras
    10. Loyal Onesiphorus

  • Conclusion: Jesus - the perfect man

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Contributors Richard Coekin
ISBN 9781908762481
Format Paperback
First published October 2012
Dimensions 128mm x 198mm x 15.1mm
Weight 0.20 kg
Language English
Pages 208
Publisher The Good Book Company

Other information

'dramatic story-telling with sparkling Biblical insights...hugely inspiring!'
- Vaughan Roberts, Rector of St Ebbes Church, Oxford

Customer reviews

28 Dec 2016

“Fantastic read”

What a fantastic book this is - highlighting the individual qualities of men from the Bible such as Noah,Isaiah,Moses - then showing us how Jesus has ALL the qualities of each man. Makes you look at yourself and question how you can do more to serve your Lord. Would highly recommend this book to all men

7 Jul 2014


Just to say this is not a proper review: I bought two copies for our two sons for Fathers Day, and one has already responded that it's good. I'll ask him if he'd like to write!

19 Aug 2013

“One for all Christian men!”

Agree with previous reviewers, so want really to underscore their recommendations! Quite simply a great read for any man / guy / bloke / chap / lad seeking to lead a Christian life and encountering all the 'usual' pressures and challenges of day-to-day life. A series of thought provoking and readily applicable character studies in handy bite sized chunks. Currently on a special at just £4.19 this gem deserves to be made widely available and well read - buy it for your family and friends!

27 Apr 2013

“Excellent ”

Very pleased to recommend this book which I have used for a Men's Discipleship class. Great insight into bible characters and very useful topical application. One of the best resource books I have used.

25 Jul 2009

“Tremendously encouraging, really helpful book”

I've been looking for just this sort of book for some time now. By looking at a series of well-known men of God from the pages of the Bible, Richard Coekin draws many parallels with the struggles of men today who are trying to follow Christ as best they can. The example of these men is a great encouragement, and there are lessons to learn from all of them. The book concludes by drawing together all the characteristics of these men into the man for all men, Jesus. Really thought provoking with questions for quiet time/joint study and practical suggestions for application, this book is a "must" for all men serious about being the man God made us to be.

19 Jun 2008

“Outstandingly good!”

I've no intention of writing a review, but this has been a brilliant resource for reading through with a group of young Christian men from working class backgrounds with whom I meet to discuss a chapter each week at the pub! Try it yourself!

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A Few Good Men | Richard Coekin |
£6.99 £5.73