Boys, bodies and becoming a girl of gold

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In this gutsy and intimate book, Rachel Gardner tackles head-on the issues facing teenage girls.

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In this gutsy and intimate book, Rachel Gardner tackles head-on the issues facing teenage girls: self-image, the pull of the in-crowd, puberty, boys, sex, regrets and godly ambition. Credible yet shot through with biblical wisdom, parents and youthworkers can give this book with confidence.

To her readers, she writes:

I realize that you don't know me so it might feel a bit weird me saying that.

But it's true. I have written this book because I want to let you in on a bit of a secret; you are precious and your life is a gift to you.

It's a secret because few of us know it and fewer actually believe it.

I hope you will:

  • feel inspired to explore your abilities and dreams
  • be encouraged to protect your heart and still keep it open to God and others
  • appreciate your life and the mysteries in the world around you

May these words of wisdom help you know that you are lovely, lovable, unique, full of potential and, above all, cherished.

Rachel x

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  • Foreword
    Introduction: Cherished
    1. The beginning of mysteries
    2. Lovely label
    3. Uggs in the rain
    4. First-time club
    5. Holy body
    6. The invisible girl
    7. Death to bad sex
    8. What are you waiting for?
    9. Nice guys
    10. Girl of gold


Age range: 14+
Contributors Rachel Gardner
ISBN 9781844743896
Format Paperback
First published March 2012
Dimensions 155mm x 156mm x 12mm
Weight 0.18 kg
Language English
Pages 160
Publisher IVP
Customer reviews

5 Jan 2021


A well-written book, with a not so well thought out meaning. Please be careful before you give this book to young girls as some of the content is for this day and age, damaging. It tries to tell girls they are worthy, whilst simultaneously making them feel like sex objects and impure if they do not fit the perfect Christian girl stereotype. If you do choose to read, keep your own opinions as important x

30 May 2019


I ordered this book in a bulk of 10 to read with a Girls’ Brigade Group of young teenagers - we are using it like a book club and they each have a copy and a journal. It has been very successful so far and has inspired a lot of great chats, questions and sharing.

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Cherished | Rachel Gardner |
£9.99 £7.99