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Worshipping with Dementia

Worshipping with Dementia

Meditations, Scriptures and Prayers for Sufferers and Carers

This practical book explains how Christians can care spiritually for people who may not be able to show their response.

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For people with dementia, simplicity is paramount. This book provides simple daily devotions, together with a scripture verse, a suggested prayer and a hymn. This is a worship resource for caregivers, sufferers, families, pastors, church groups and medical professionals.

People coping with dementia, either their own or their relative's, are so shattered that they need help almost at the Lego box level. 'Worshipping with Dementia' gives hard-pressed people a book they can pick up and leaf through for words and Scriptures and prayers to help at any time: In the morning, in the evening, over coffee or in a crisis. The biggest thing it will do is let them know they are not alone. The collection is topic related, so someone can turn to the page(s) on 'feeling rejected', or 'being misunderstood,' or 'being angry,' or 'feeling guilty' , or any one of the hundred and one things that affect them personally. For many their faith is the only thing keeping them going. This book will strengthen that lifeline.

Product details


Contributors Louise Morse
ISBN 9781854249319
Format Paperback
First published October 2015
Dimensions 130mm x 199mm x 16mm
Language English
Pages 270
Publisher Pilgrim Homes
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Worshipping with Dementia | Louise Morse | £9.99 £8.49