Working Without Wilting (ebook)

Working Without Wilting ebook

Starting well to finish strong

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How to negotiate the first few months at work and continue wholeheartedly with Jesus at work - for your working life.

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Day one in the new job.

You're keen, you're nervous and your new shoes are pinching. Will you get there on time? Will you fit in? And will you be competent - or clueless?

Many start their first job with three great hopes; a brand new status, a salary and loads of job satisfaction. Some even plan to shine for Jesus in their workplace.

But all too often the pressures of work life cause even the keenest Christians to wilt.

Jago Wynne believes with a passion that people can flourish in their work and keep their faith intact, if properly prepared. With humour, insight and real-life stories, he equips readers both to negotiate the first few months and to continue wholeheartedly with Jesus at work - for an entire working life.

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  • Series Preface

  • Introduction: Working without wilting

  • Part 1: Work is a treadmill
    The life cycle of work
    1. Stepping onto the treadmill
    2. Keeping going on the treadmill
    3. Stepping off the treadmill

  • Part 2: Work is a trampoline
    The highs and lows of working life
    4. Keeping your balance
    5. Surviving the ups and downs

  • Part 3: Work like a trout
    How to display Christ-life attitudes and actions at work
    6. Against the flow character
    7. Against the flow relationships
    8. Against the flow with money
    9. Against the flow with stress

  • Part 4: Work like a trumpet
    Flourishing for God in the workplace
    10. Glorifying God at work
    11. Serving God at work
    12. Worshipping God at work

  • Conclusion: Work - viewed through a Tardis


Contributors Jago Wynne
ISBN 9781844748617
Format eBook
Language English
Publisher IVP

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'Wisdom and insight on page after page'
- Rico Tice

'Jago...maps out a biblical view that will enable our daily lives to flourish.'
- Ken Costa, author of God at work

'If you're heading off into the wonderful world of work, this is a great book to take with you.'
- Daphne Clifton, business coach

Customer reviews

14 Feb 2015

“Brilliant....everyone should read it no matter how long they have been in their job!”

This book is not laborious to read and may well help you have a fresh approach to your take a chapter a week and let it transform your work so you stop wilting and start shining!

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