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Wonderfully Made - HD Episodes

Wonderfully Made - HD Episodes

Enjoying life with God's precious gift

Seven short sessions presented by Mary Winter to encourage mothers with small children.

Part of the Wonderfully Made series.

Session 1 - Questions.mp4
Session 1 - Testimony - Kris.mp4
Session 2 - Image.mp4
Session 2 - Testimony - Erin.mp4
Session 3 - Creativity.mp4
Session 3 - Testimony - Fin.mp4
Session 4 - Rest.mp4
Session 4 - Testimony - Shobi.mp4
Session 5 - Relationships.mp4
Session 5 - Testimony - Mandy.mp4
Session 6 - Communication.mp4
Session 6 - Testimony - Kirsten.mp4
Session 7 - Spoiled.mp4
Session 7 - Testimony - Susi.mp4
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New mums need no convincing that their children are wonderfully made. But there are a whole heap of challenges that come with caring for young children‚ÄĒtiredness, loneliness, relationship stress to name a few.

Many churches have large and well attended groups for mothers and their children to support them through these stressful years, but find it more difficult to find ways of sharing the good news of the gospel to them.

Wonderfully Made is an innovative approach to this dilemma. Short video sessions connect with stressed parents where they are at‚ÄĒwith the problems and questions that come with small children. There is practical advice in each session on being a new parent, and sympathetic stories from young mums.

But each session also points to a greater reality‚ÄĒthe God who made us, our children and is a parent himself! The short talks by Mary Winter introduce us to the big ideas of who we are and why we are here from the early chapters of Genesis, and provokes discussion that will lead on to deeper thinking about God.

The seven sessions in this course will help you support new mothers and carers as they adjust to life with small children, and introduce them to the big themes of the gospel message.

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Contributors Mary Winter
Format Video files
First published June 2019
Language English
No. of studies 7
Publisher The Good Book Company
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Wonderfully Made - HD Episodes | Mary Winter |
£12.99 £11.04