Why did Jesus have to die? (audiobook)

Why did Jesus have to die? (audiobook)

and other questions about the cross of Christ and its meaning for us today

A short, readable book that explaining what the Bible says about the death of Christ—and what it means for us

Part of the Questions Christians Ask series.

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Our culture ignores it. Many within the church seem to be almost embarrassed by it. Many others understand that the cross of Christ is at the very heart of Christian faith and life.

This short, readable book explains clearly and simply what the Bible, and Jesus himself, says about the cross, and how Christians should understand it today.

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  • Introduction
    1. Why do we need the cross?
    2. What happened on the cross?
    3. Why did Jesus have to suffer?
    4. What did the cross achieve?
    5. What response does the cross demand?


Contributors Marcus Nodder, Derek Perkins
Format Audiobook
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company
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