What Kind of Hope? (ebook)

What Kind of Hope? ebook

How Jesus changes everything

Michael Ots helps us see that real hope doesn't have to be beyond our grasp.

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What does the Bible say about the future?
What evidence do I have that this is true?
If my beliefs influence my actions, then what difference does the Bible's teaching make in my life?

There is something wrong with our world. Clearly, things shouldn't be the way they are. The Bible makes many claims about the future, a future in which we can have real hope. Michael Ots helps us unpack these claims, showing why real and radical hope doesn't have to be beyond our grasp.

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Author Michael Ots
ISBN 9781844748020
Format Digital Download
Language English
Publisher IVP
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What Kind of Hope? (ebook) | Michael Ots | £7.99 £5.19