What God Has Made Clean (ebook)

What God Has Made Clean ebook

If We Can Eat Prawns, Why Is Gay Sex Wrong?

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The debate on homosexuality within the church has often dealt poorly with the relationship between Old Testament laws and their validity today. Traditionalists and evangelicals are accused of double dealing when they say that we can eat prawns and wear multi-fibre garments, but must not tolerate the gay lifestyle.

This booklet attempts to deal seriously with the fundamental question of how the Old Testament law is fulfilled in Christ and, therefore, how Christians should live today.

"This booklet answers some of the serious questions that have been asked about the Bible's teaching on homosexuality in a clear and concise manner. A great read for everyone."
- David Peterson, Principal, Oak Hill College

John Richardson was Anglican Chaplain at the University of East London for many years and now ministers in rural Essex. He has studied at St. John's Nottingham and Moore College, Sydney. He is the author of three other books in the Biblical Application Series: God, Sex & Marriage, Get Into The Bible and Revelation Unwrapped.

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Author John Richardson
ISBN 9781908762085
Format Electronic book text
First published 2012
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company
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This is a small book (32 pgs) but has a big punch. It is a great summary of how to address the issues around homosexuality for the Christian. It explains, clearly, the difference between ceremonial, cultic and moral laws and how people misuse the Old Testament to try to confuse Christians over homosexuality.
Well worth the read.
Highly recommended.


“Answers the question "shall we sin because we re not under law but under grace".”

This little book provides a very clear explanation of why certain laws of The Old Testament are kept while others are not, by explaing how Christ's coming affected different parts of the law in different ways. It also explains how Christians are challenged to uphold the law, even though we free from it in terms of its role in determining our relationship with God.


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What God Has Made Clean (ebook) | John Richardson | £3.00 £2.55