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Walking with Domestic Abuse Sufferers

Walking with Domestic Abuse Sufferers

Gospel Hope for Life Issues

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Scriptural orientation and practical hints that enable us to encourage people to live lives free from manipulation and pain.

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Tragically, on average the police receive a call related to domestic abuse every 30 seconds. This is a hidden and terrifying phenomenon, sadly prevalent in churches as well as the wider community. Spouses, partners, parents and (older) children are the perpetrators.

But what should you do if you suspect someone in your church is a domestic abuse victim? How can you help them?

This practical, sensitively written guide empowers church leaders and members to walk with suffers, and deal with this massive, but hidden problem prevalent in churches and wider communities. It offers lasting solutions to help bring victims to a place of freedom and peace, and reassures us that there is a way out and they can find real hope in Christ.

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  • Series preface

  • Section 1: Listening to the pain
    1. Hidden realities
    2. People or objects?
    3. The hopelessness trap
    4. What is God like?

  • Section 2: Speaking words of transformation
    5. Stay or go?
    6. Pursuing change
    7. Speaking of a bigger God
    8. Changing mirrors

  • Section 3: Encouraging practical change
    9. Into the light
    10. Brand-new lives
    11. Looking to the future
    12. Fallout and freedom

  • Postscript
    Appendix A: Disclosure of abuse flow chart
    Appendix B: Sample domestic abuse notice
    Appendix C: Prayers for the abused
    Appendix D: Useful resources and organizations


Contributors Helen Thorne‚ÄďAllenson
ISBN 9781783595952
Format Paperback
First published January 2018
Dimensions 138mm x 216mm x 9mm
Weight 0.19 kg
Language English
Pages 112
Publisher IVP
Customer reviews

16 Jan 2018

“A heartbreaking but hopeful book about domestic abuse”

In this short book - which whilst easy to read in one sense, will leave you crying out, "How long O Lord?" - Helen Thorne provides a starting point to helping people within (and around) our church communities who are suffering from domestic abuse. The book contains an appropriate amount of hearing from victims, with helpful theological truths applied, and direct, practical, British advice given to help supporters care for the abused and to stop the cycle of abuse. I particularly appreciated some of the pop-out sections in the book covering topics such as, "How to start a conversation if I suspect domestic abuse?" or "Responding to disclosure" or "Can the church liaise with statutory agencies?"

The book is exceedingly practical but never moves away from the fact that God can and does act to change people, to call sinners to repentance, to offer hope to the hopeless, and to bring all who call upon him into his eternal rest.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. And eagerly await further volumes in this new series of books from Biblical Counseling UK and IVP. This is an astonishingly good book and should be essential reading for anyone who is involved in pastoral care in church life from small-group leaders through to ministers.

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Walking with Domestic Abuse Sufferers | Helen Thorne‚ÄďAllenson |
£8.99 £6.74