True Spirituality (ebook)

True Spirituality ebook

The challenge of 1 Corinthians for the 21st century church

Major themes from 1 Corinthians applied to today’s church.

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We are surrounded by many types of spirituality today, but what does authentic biblical spirituality look like? We may have more in common with the Corinthian church than we think.

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  • Introduction

  • A spiritual crisis
    True spirituality: a contemporary issue
    True spirituality: a Corinthian issue
    A challenge for today

  • True Spirituality....
    1. focuses on Christ's cross, not on human wisdom
    2. respects faithful leaders, not flashy ones
    3. demands holiness, not moral permissiveness
    4. affirms both marriage and singleness, but not ascetism
    5. promotes spiritual concern, not unfettered freedom
    6. affirms gender differences, but not social divisions
    7. prioritises love, not spiritual gifts
    8. focuses on a physical future, not just the spiritual present

  • Epilogue
    Hearing the challenge
    Does the Holy Spirit have me?


Contributors Vaughan Roberts
ISBN 9781844746330
Format Digital (delivered electronically)
First published March 2011
Language English
Publisher IVP
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