The Message of Acts (ebook)

The Message of Acts ebook

This commentary opens to us the early days of the church as recorded by Luke in the book of Acts.

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The Spirit moves the church into the world. That is how it has always been since the day of Pentecost when the Spirit brought thousands from many countries into the body of Christ. With the breadth and scholarly care that have marked John Stott's years of ministry, this book opens to us the early days of the church as recorded by Luke in the book of Acts.

The experiences of the early church have much to say about issues that concern Christians today. What can Acts tell us about tongues and other extraordinary manifestations of the Spirit? How should churches structure themselves - with elders, deacons, pastors or all three? What should a normal Christian conversion look like? And, of course, how should the church reach out into the world with the message of salvation?

These and many other topics are handled with a pastoral heart and an unwavering commitment to the authority of God's Word in our lives. As Stott concludes, "The Acts of the Apostles have long ago finished; the acts of the followers of Jesus will continue until the end of the world."

Part of The Good Book Company's Commentary List, this commentary has been selected because it not only deals faithfully and carefully with God's Word but is readable, practical and accessible as well.

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  • General preface
    Author's preface
    Chief abbreviations
    a chronological table

  • Introduction
    1. Introduction to Luke (Luke 1:1-4)
    2. Introduction to the Acts (Acts 1:1-5)

  • A. In Jerusalem (1:6 - 6:7)
    1. Waiting for Pentecost (1:6-26)
    2. The Day of Pentecost (2:1-47)
    3. The outbrak of persecution (3:1 - 4:31)
    4. Satanic counter-attack (4:32-6:7)

  • B. Foundations for world mission (6:8 - 12:24)
    5. Stephen the martyr (6:8 - 7:60)
    6. Philip the evangelist (8:1-40)
    7. The conversion of Saul (9:1-31)
    8. The conversion of Cornelius (9:32-11:18)
    9. Expansion and opposition (11:19 - 12:24)

  • C. The apostle to the Gentiles (12:25 - 21:17)
    10. The first missionary journey (12:25 - 14:28)
    11. The Council of Jerusalem (15:1 - 16:5)
    12. Mission in Macedonia (16:6 - 17:15)
    13. Paul in Athens (17:16-34)
    14. Corinth and Ephesus (18:1 - 19:41)
    15. More about Ephesus (20:1 - 21:17)

  • D. On the way to Rome (21:18 - 28:31)
    16. Paul's arrest and self-defence (21:18 - 23:35)
    17. Paul on trial (24:1 - 26:32)
    18. Rome at last! (27:1 - 28:31)

  • Study Guide


Contributors John Stott
ISBN 9781783590490
Format Digital (delivered electronically)
Language English
Publisher IVP
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The Message of Acts (ebook) | John Stott |
£11.99 £9.59