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The Bible Overview (Study guide)

The Bible Overview (Study guide)

How to understand the Bible as a whole

Matthew Brain & Matthew Malcolm
from 8 reviews

The Bible Overview will help you teach a bible overview to your church or small group.

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This booklet accompanies The Bible Overview course. Inside you will find a beautifully presented summary of the message of the Bible, as well as important Bible verses which explain that message.

Designed to be completed in three short presentations, The Bible Overview will leave you confident about what the Bible is saying, how the different sections of the Bible fit together and our own place in the Bible's unfolding story of God's relationship with His world.

The Bible Overview course is ideal for churches, small groups, Scripture classes or any group, large or small, that would like to find out what the Bible is about.

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  • Inside this booklet you will find the 15 stages of the unfolding story of the Bible as they will be explained during The Bible Overview presentations.


Contributors Matthew Brain, Matthew Malcolm
ISBN 9781876326340
Format Saddle stitch
First published January 2004
Dimensions 148mm x 210mm x 3mm
Language English
Pages 44
No. of studies 15
Publisher Matthias Media
Customer reviews


“A good introduction to the whole Bible”

We use this great book as an introduction for students at Bible college who are on the Foundation Year. Some of them are new Christians and have never studied the Bible before. Its a easier way to start their Biblical Studies module.


“A most useful resource”

This was the second time that I had led the course using the Starter pack with leader''s manual, wall cards and study booklets (but not the DVD-ROM) I found I needed a large expanse of wall on which to mount the cards - it would not have fitted onto a white board as suggested in the leaders' manual. The response from those who attended was very positive (older adults with a wide range of ability and Biblical background) Even for Christians of many years standing it is useful, as we rarely put everything in order and see the 'big picture'


“Really useful”

An excellent tool, adaptable for use with all age groups. The images are effective across a range of cultural backgrounds.


“Ok - but could have been included in the study books”

I guess I was expecting something interactive or visual in the DVD and found it really just provided additional notes. The extra notes were good and necessary - but in my opinion thats because the study books were way too light. If your going to do the bible overview using the study books - you'll probably need this DVD to make a good job of it. But dont expect much from it.


“An excellent and clear presentation of the overall message of the Bible.”

The Bible Overview does what it says on the can.

It is a very clear outline of the overall message of the Bible, focusing on Christ as the promised saving ruler of God's Kingdom.

The presentation makes use of simple and attractive graphics to help to chart the story.

It can be presented in a number of different ways, but the suggested method is to do it in 3 sessions, the first rapidly covering the whole story, and the second and third looking in more detail at the OT and NT sections.

The Leader's Manual contains enough information for anyone to present the overview. The study guides contain the main points of the presentation and an abundance of Bible references to support the points.

There is also some useful information on the COMA Bible study method (Context, Observation, Meaning, Application).

Being able to see the 'bigger picture' of the Bible is so helpful for a Christian at any stage in their life, and the course is also naturally evangelistic since it so clearly illustrates God's salvation purposes.

Highly recommended. My only small niggle is slightly practical - the graphics are a little small for use with a gathering of any size, but I have enlarged them to help with that. I understand the new DVD version includes digital versions of all the artwork to easily produce this kind of visual aid or alternatively to present via data-projector.


“Excellent introduction for beginners”

I used this course to teach a group of Christians a little about the general bible story. It was useful both for newcomers to the story and those who had a good understanding of the overall picture.
I also plan to use it during a service suitable for all ages as it provides an excellent introduction to the overall message of the bible, helping people understand where individual elements of the story fit in to the final picture.


“A great resorce for introducing the Bible as a whole.”

We run a small group for young Christians and found the Bible Overview a very easy and interesting way to introduce the Bible as a whole. It has also provided the building blocks of a sound approach to Bible study and reading using the COMA system, we would have given it a 5 rating if it had also shown where Judges come, and the role they have in the Bible.


“The Bible overview is exactly that!”

Excellent material to give a concise overview of the big picture. I used it in a small group setting and it was well received especially by those without excessive biblical knowledge.

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The Bible Overview (Study guide) | Matthew Brain, Matthew Malcolm | £3.50 £2.80