The Amazing Cross (ebook)

The Amazing Cross ebook

Transforming lives today

Jeremy McQuoid & Elizabeth McQuoid

This book presents us with the challenge to place all of our lives under the shadow of the amazing cross and allow that cross to transform us completely, here and now.

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The cross of Christ is the heartbeat of Christianity. It is a place of pain and horror, wonder and beauty, all at the same time. It is the place where our sin collided gloriously with God's grace.

But do we really understand what the cross is all about? Or are we so caught up in the peripherals of the faith that we have forgotten the core? We need to ask ourselves:

How deep an impact has the cross made on my personality?
Do I live in the light of the freedom it has won for me?
Am I dying to myself every day, so that I can live for Christ?
Do I face suffering with faith and assurance?
Can I face death in the light of the hope of the resurrection?

The authors present us with a contemporary challenge to place all of our lives, every thought, word and deed, under the shadow of the amazing cross, and allow that cross to transform us here and now.

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Author Jeremy McQuoid, Elizabeth McQuoid
ISBN 9781844746477
Format eBook
Language English
Publisher IVP
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The Amazing Cross (ebook) | Jeremy McQuoid, Elizabeth McQuoid | £8.99 £7.19