Taking God Seriously (ebook)

Taking God Seriously ebook

Vital Things We Need To Know

J.I. Packer affirms the importance of ongoing teaching and discipling.

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Catechesis consists of intentional, orderly instruction in the truths by which Christians are called to live - a sort of discipleship in 'mere Christianity'.

The fact that catechesis has fallen out of the life and practice of many churches today is a major loss, leaving Christians undernourished and spiritually sluggish. Professor J. I. Packer responds that 'it is catechesis - vital ongoing teaching and discipling - that hits the bull's eye': it is of the utmost importance in developing a church that maintains orthodox beliefs.

Packer urges Christians to know their faith so they can explain it to inquirers, sustain it against sceptics, and put it to work in evangelism, church fellowship, and the many forms of service – this is the Christian's business of taking God seriously.

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  • Preface

  • 1 Taking Faith Seriously

  • 2 Taking Doctrine Seriously

  • 3 Taking Christian Unity Seriously

  • 4 Taking Repentance Seriously

  • 5 Taking the Church Seriously

  • 6 Taking the Holy Spirit Seriously

  • 7 Taking Baptism Seriously

  • 8 Taking the Lord’s Supper Seriously


Contributors J I Packer
ISBN 9781783591053
Format Digital (delivered electronically)
Language English
Publisher IVP

Carl R Trueman

Dept. Chair of Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary, Author, Pastor and Ref21 blogger

Endorsement written for Taking God Seriously

Like many people, I first discovered what it meant ‘to take God seriously’ through reading J. I. Packer’s books. It is thus an honor and a delight to be asked to write a commendation for his latest work, a basic catechetical plea for sober, modest, thoughtful and orthodox theology. In a church world dominated by Barnum and Bailey circus antics and the brash triviality borrowed from the world around in the name of ‘engagement,’ Dr. Packer remains a truly engaging and gentlemanly advocate for those old paths which are ever fresh.

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£7.99 £6.39