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Table Talk 11: Write and Wrong

Bible discovery for families

from 35 reviews

Three months of Bible Readings based in the books of 2 Kings, Isaiah, Jeremiah and John.

Part of the Table Talk series.

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Issue Eleven of Table Talk is called Write and Wrong. Three months of Bible Readings based in the books of 2 Kings, Isaiah, Jeremiah and John. The Gospel of John tells us all about Jesus. We'll read about some of the miracles that point to who Jesus is. We'll also meet the last kings of Israel, and read about how the Israelites had to leave their homes, in the books of 2 Kings, Jeremiah and Isaiah.

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Age range: 4+
Contributors Alison Mitchell
ISBN 9781904889151
Format Paperback
First published November 2004
Dimensions 170mm x 238mm x 3.3mm
Weight 0.10 kg
Language English
Pages 48
Publisher The Good Book Company

Other information

Table Talk is for families with children from 4 yrs and up to use for daily Bible times. Each day takes about five minutes, maybe at breakfast or after an evening meal. Choose whatever time suits you best as a family.

Table Talk links in with XTB Bible reading notes for children. (XTB stands for eXplore The Bible). The Bible passages are the same each day for Table Talk and XTB - so you can use the two books together, or on their own. Whichever suits you best.

Customer reviews

13 Sep 2022

“Quite good, but a bit text heavy”

(Review written for 'Table Talk Subscription (children aged 4 up) (Foreign)')

This looks good, but the layout is much more text heavy and has much less colour than the equivalent XTB children's Bible Study

9 Jul 2020


(Review written for 'Table Talk Subscription')

I think these are very well written, with nice pictures and I have already recommended them to friends.

1 Apr 2020

“Great content, quick delivery”

(Review written for 'Table Talk: The Collection')

Can guarantee great biblical content from this company and it was delivered quickly. Thanks

8 Aug 2018


(Review written for 'Table Talk Subscription (children aged 4 up) (Foreign)')

We have loved table talk. My eldest says it’s a fun way to learn about God. We will definitely be purchasing more in the series!

1 Aug 2016

“Excellent for families ”

(Review written for 'Table Talk Subscription')

We are a new Christian family and I wanted something that was easy do with my boys aged 8 and 10, without it being too complicated. The activities and prayers are great at the end. Highly recommend it.

20 Jun 2016

“Excellent family bible study”

(Review written for 'Table Talk Subscription')

At last a daily bible study we can do together as a family! Just the right amount to do at the dinner or table, and everyone joins in rather than parents telling children. Mine are 8 and 10 years old and I see no reason we won't continue into their teen years Thank you so much for this great resource.

29 Apr 2016


(Review written for 'Table Talk Subscription')

This is such a good book! After the emails over easter I wanted a book to carry on bible time with my children. These are easy to follow and do not take much time but my children (10 and 6) really enjoy this time together! Will be buying the whole set!

17 Sep 2013

“Bitesize Bible Reading”

(Review written for 'Table Talk Subscription (children aged 4 up) (Foreign)')

We use table talk with our 4 and 1 year old as our daily Bible reading. Some days work better than others depending on many things. Often we don't use the game/craft illustration at the beginning as this has proved too much of a distraction when we get to the main reading.
Overall a very helpful way of reading as a family and one I would recommend

16 Sep 2013

“Great for the whole family”

(Review written for 'Table Talk Subscription')

I was recommended this book by our church's children's and young families worker because I wanted something that my 11 year old son could be interested in alongside my daughter also. It's a brilliant book and easy to use and the whole family including my husband got involved in it and as a whole family we all enjoy using it. We do it round the dining table when we have our tea as that's the best time for us all to be together. I'd recommend it for the family and my 11 year old son is really enjoying it too.

6 Apr 2013

“Great and easy to adapt for use”

(Review written for 'Table Talk Subscription')

We bought Table Talks for the first time and we actually use it as an extended Sunday morning family time rather than a daily one. We generally use two at a time and get our children to draw a picture of the stories afterwards and it lasts around an hour in all. Very good indeed, and I wouldn't rule out us using it as a daily tool when we finish our current evening devotionals with the children

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