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Systematic Theology (2nd Edition)

Systematic Theology (2nd Edition)

An Introduction To Biblical Doctrine

Wayne Grudem

Revised, updated and expanded edition of a widely-appreciated, best-selling textbook

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Revised, updated and expanded second edition. Wayne Grudem believes that 'theology is meant to be lived and prayed and sung' - but before this can happen, it must be understood. In this best-selling textbook, each chapter begins with a clear definition of the doctrine under consideration and moves on to a thorough exposition of its basis in Scripture.

Then follow questions for personal application which help to bring out the relevance of the doctrine to the life of the individual and the church; and finally, a hymn or song suitable for corporate use or personal meditation.

Controversial issues such as the baptism and gifts of the Holy Spirit, male-female roles in marriage and church, and the nature of final judgment are given a full treatment. Where he differs from other theologians, Professor Grudem is firm but courteous.

Wayne Grudem's warm, pastoral and practical approach to systematic theology has been widely appreciated. He demonstrates on page after page how important biblical doctrine is both for the spiritual health of the individual and for the well-being of the church at large.

The changes in this edition mainly consist of additional material:

1. completely updated bibliographies
2. all Scripture quotations changed from RSV to ESV
3. new sections on the differences between evangelical Protestant theology and Protestant theological liberalism (additional note to chapter 4), Mormonism (additional note to chapter 14), and Roman Catholicism (additional note to chapter 45, with extensive quotations from the 1997 edition of Catechism of the Catholic Church).
4. additional discussion of specific “problem verses” for biblical inerrancy (chapter 5)
5. a completely revised, stronger chapter on the clarity of Scripture (chapter 6)
6. updated sections on God’s atemporal eternity (chapter 11), the eternal submission of the Son to the Father in the Trinity (chapter 14), seekersensitive churches (chapter 44), the role of women in the church (chapter 47), contemporary worship music (chapter 51), and miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit (chapters 52 and 53)
7. a more extensive critique of open theism (chapter 12)
8. a completely revised, stronger chapter on creation and evolution, including recent evidence for intelligent design, a longer critique of theistic evolution, and a summary of recent evidence regarding the age of the earth (chapter 15)
9. a new discussion and critique of middle knowledge (or Molinism) (chapter 16)
10. an extensive discussion of “Free Grace” theology (chapter 35)
11. a critique of the “new perspective on Paul” and its view of justification (chapter 36)
12. a critique of the preterist view that Christ has already returned in AD 70 (chapter 54)
13. a contemporary worship song added at the end of each chapter (while retaining the traditional hymns as well)
14. indexing of topics covered in twenty-one new systematic theology texts (including new translations of older texts by Turretin and Vos) that have been published since 1993
15. numerous smaller modifications that have been prompted by letters and emails from people around the world and by interaction with the many wonderful, insightful students as I have taught through this material over the last twenty-six years both at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and at Phoenix Seminary

As a result of this added material, this second edition is about 16 percent longer than the first edition.

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Contributors Wayne Grudem
ISBN 9781789742084
Format Hardback
First published November 2020
Dimensions 199mm x 256mm x 62mm
Weight 3.01 kg
Language English
Pages 1616
Publisher IVP

John Piper

Pastor for Preaching & Vision, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN

Praise for the first edition: Systematic Theology is remarkable for its extraordinary juxtapositions. It is penetrating but not confusing; forthright and unequivocal but not reckless or overstated; readable and clear but not superficial; biblically grounded, even biblically saturated, but not textually careless or glib; devout and reverent but not uncritical or naïve; practical but not trendy or sentimental; comprehensive but not majoring on minors; a book for the church but not parochial or sectarian. I expect to turn to it for decades.

J I Packer

Christianity Today

Praise for the first edition: If you were hoping to find a student’s textbook of theology that . . . seeks your spiritual no less than your intellectual formation, rejoice: Wayne Grudem has written exactly what you wanted, and he has done so very competently indeed.

Terry Virgo

New Frontiers

Praise for the first edition: Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology has proved a magnificent provision for the body of Christ in terms of sound doctrine and warm pastoral application. Thousands of Christians are stronger because they now have this book on their shelves.

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Systematic Theology (2nd Edition) | Wayne Grudem |
£50.99 £40.79