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Stop Taking Sides (French)

How Holding Truths in Tension Saves Us from Anxiety and Outrage

How to embrace the tensions in the Bible in order to overcome division, anxiety, and fear.


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Love and wrath. Sovereignty and responsibility. Victory and suffering. Some of the truths we read in the Bible seem to be in opposition to each other. We naturally tend to gravitate towards a side, but when we lose sight of one truth in order to protect the other, we are in danger of becoming proud, creating division, and diminishing our faith.

In this compelling, inspiring, and at times provocative book, Adam Mabry urges us to stop taking sides and refuse to participate in tribalism by mapping out a way to hold in tension truths that we so often divide over.

You’ll discover how our joy and our witness rest on us learning to hold to all that the Scriptures teach and growing in virtue as we do. You’ll learn how to wrestle with all that the Scriptures say, to embrace mystery, to listen closely, and to speak with clarity.

Adam is Lead Pastor of Aletheia Church, part of the Every Nation Church network.

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  • Introduction: Why We Love Taking Sides
    1. Sovereignty and Responsibility: Finding Humility
    2. Us and Them: Showing Kindness
    3. Image of God and Inherently Sinful: Living with Prudence
    4. Word and Spirit: Developing Diligence
    5. Suffering and Victory: Growing in Perseverance
    6. Politics and Kingdom: Caring for Justice
    7. Love and Wrath: Displaying Charity
    8. Already and Not Yet: Choosing Patience
    9. Sometimes, You Have to Take a Side

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Contributors Adam Mabry
ISBN 9782826035954
Format Paperback
First published October 2022
Dimensions 148mm x 210mm x 11mm
Weight 0.22 kg
Language French
Pages 286
Publisher Maison de la Bible

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