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Truth For Life - Volume 1

365 Daily Devotions

from 38 reviews

A year of gospel-saturated daily devotions from renowned Bible teacher Alistair Begg.

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Start with the gospel each and every day with this one-year devotional by renowned Bible teacher Alistair Begg.

Each daily devotion includes:
• Reflections from renowned Bible teacher Alistair Begg
• Prompts for real life application
• Relevant Scripture passages
• A yearly Bible reading plan

The durable hardback cover with dust jacket and ribbon marker make this a wonderful gift.

We all need to be reminded of the truth that anchors our life and excites and equips us to live for Christ. Reflecting on a short passage each day, Alistair spans the Scriptures to show us the greatness and grace of God, and to thrill our hearts to live as His children. His clear, faithful exposition and thoughtful application mean that this resource will both engage your mind and stir your heart.

A special gift edition is also available for purchase featuring:
• an imitation-leather debossed cover
• a ribbon marker
• a sleeve

Alistair Begg is the Bible teacher of Truth For Life ministry. His is one of the most recognisable Christian voices on the radio today. This resource delivers his warm, faithful teaching in the form of concise daily devotions. Alistair grew up and ministered in Scotland before moving to Ohio, where he is the Senior Pastor of Parkside Church in Chagrin Falls.

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  • Introduction
    365 daily devotions, spanning the Scriptures


Contributors Alistair Begg
ISBN 9781784985851
Format Hardback
First published November 2021
Dimensions 153mm x 234mm x 33mm
Weight 0.72 kg
Print size 9.0pt
Language English
Pages 384
Publisher The Good Book Company

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Christopher Ash

Writer in Residence, Tyndale House, Cambridge.

Here speaks a pastor who knows both his Bible and his people. He not only understands the Scriptures but lovingly applies them like medicine for the soul. These daily devotions will do that. They will help you get to know the Bible better and how it fits together. They will stretch your mind with deep, bracing theology expressed with accessible clarity. They will warm and nourish your heart because they breathe the beauty of Christ. I have been struck by the freshness and variety of the devotions, from every part of the Scriptures, and by the pastor’s heart that beats through them. There is rich nourishment here for the soul, the fruit of many years of mining the Scriptures and caring for people.

Keith and Kristyn Getty

Hymnwriters; Authors, Sing!

These devotions will help you praise when you are celebrating, will comfort you when you are struggling, will encourage you when you are doubting, and will be a balm when you are hurting. Each day, Alistair points to the glory and goodness of God as He reveals Himself to us in His word. Whoever you are, there is rich treasure for you in this book.

Rico Tice

Founder, Christianity Explored Ministries

I found these daily devotions by Alistair Begg to be a huge help to daily Bible reading—a critical barometer of our spiritual health. Time and again I was made to think freshly about a passage and then given another chapter which made me reflect more deeply on the verses that the commentary had opened up. A very timely gift to aid discipleship in the church.

Customer reviews

10 Feb 2024

“Beautiful Gift”

(Review written for 'Truth For Life - Gift Edition (Volume 1)')

Truth For Life - Alistair Begg

I am so happy that an imitation leather version of Truth for Life has been released. I have every edition of these devotionals and I thoroughly enjoy them.

I have also given many away as birthday gifts because I love it so much so to have the gift edition makes an even better gift as it is lovely to hold and makes the reading experience all the more pleasurable.

What sets this daily devotion apart from others is that at the bottom of every devotion you will see head, heart and hands.
These images are there so that after your time of reading you can ask yourself:

* How is God calling me to think differently?

* How is God reordering my heart's affections - what I love?

* What is God calling me to do as I go about my day today?

I love this feature as it encourages us to be doers of the word and not just hearers and I have found it creates good discussion when reading the devotional with someone else, it can be a great way to hold one another accountable.

I tend to read this devotional around lunchtime so that it doesn't interrupt my morning time in the word and I always want to encourage people not to replace their bible time with a devotional.
However this devotional is really helpful because after reading Begg's commentary on the verse for the day you will find there is an extra Bible passage next to the head heart and hands which compliments the reflection for the day.

There is also a reading plan at the bottom of each page to help you read through the whole Bible in a year. I find that this devotional is great because rather than it becoming your main source of spiritual food, it really encourages you to get into the Bible more.

Highly recommend for yourself or a friend!

2 Feb 2024

“Quality book and quality service”

I love Alistair's books. Quality man of God, quality, solid biblical teaching. Stayed the course!
This devotional no exception. Had his Vol 2 last year so wanted to get Vol 1 this year. Not disappointed.
And my confidence in Alastair has not wained despite current controversy, as I know the man's heart and stand on moral issues - much of current public criticism is unbalanced and out of context. Read his book Christian Manifesto to capture something of this man's heart.

15 Jan 2024

“This really is "truth for life"!”

I chose this as a Christmas present and am enjoying it very much. It gives you a truth to get your teeth into and mull over during the day. I love the cross-references which link passages in a way that I might not have thought of and the extra passage to read also throws more light on the topic under discussion. I'm not convinced it would work for a new Christian or someone who doesn't know the Bible very well and so may not understand the context of the verse or verses being explained and applied or the cross-references. But if you're reasonably familiar with the Bible and want to deepen your understanding, this book is really good.

15 Dec 2023

“I'm a new customer and absolutely would recommend this supplier”

(Review written for 'Truth For Life - Gift Edition (Volume 1)')

Very pleased with Post and packaging. And of course items ordered.

27 Nov 2023

“Impossible to read without a magnifying glass”

Well, I’d love to leave a great review, but for some unknown reason the publishers decided to use the teeniest font size they could find. It’s impossible to read without a magnifying glass! Why on earth would you do that - is it trendy to use a tiny font size or something?! So dreadfully disappointed in wasting my money on something I can’t even read (even with glasses!) :(

7 Nov 2023

“Excellent service and wonderful quality books”

Parcel packed very well, delivered on time, all books are of excellent quality.
Bought for a gift, loved by the recipient.

25 Oct 2023

“An excellent daily devotional”

(Review written for 'Truth For Life - Gift Edition (Volume 1)')

The well-known and loved author Alistair Begg begins each day with a short Bible passage or verse and masterfully opens up the Scripture - almost like a very short sermon, bringing the biblical truth to the reader with an engaging warmth and some powerful insight. These are reflections that deeply challenge as well as encourage - the main attribute of an excellent Bible teacher is being able to impact the hearer by expounding the Word of God accurately, and in these daily reflections Alistair Begg does just that.

My own daily devotionals have been greatly impacted by using “Truth For Life - Vol 1” to the extent that I have often found myself journalling quotes from Alistair Begg that have both encouraged and challenged me. The real life application of these devotionals really are excellent and I can see myself using these for many more years to come.

Alistair Begg also provides an additional Bible reference as further reading at the end of each reflection, which means that you could easily use the Truth for Life for your main daily devotional as it provides two Scripture readings alongside the main devotional.

In conclusion, “Truth for Life” is an excellent daily devotional and it is easy to see why it has become so popular and well-loved. If you don’t have a copy then I highly recommend it as a resource that will be a great blessing to you in your walk with The Lord. Likewise, this new gift edition makes it a great choice of a gift to encourage another believer or family member to start each day afresh with the Gospel.

*Disclaimer: TGBC kindly provided me with a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

23 Oct 2023

“Beautiful, Scriptural, and Helpful Devotional”

(Review written for 'Truth For Life - Gift Edition (Volume 1)')

This devotional is beautiful, well-written, encouraging and helpful. Each day there is a short verse, exhortation, and further scripture references. There is also a yearly Bible reading plan at the end of each day should you want to read the Bible in a year.

I am really enjoying this devotional! It would make a lovely gift.

20 Oct 2023

“Daily Encouragement!!”

(Review written for 'Truth For Life - Gift Edition (Volume 1)')

Stunning from cover to cover, with a beautiful imitation leather, and a lovely ribbon marker.
Full of beautiful scriptural truths, real life applications, and thought provoking ideas, this devotional is one that can be read over and over again. Also included is a one year Bible reading plan to help you dig deeper into the scriptures.
Alistair Begg does a phenomenal job in providing a challenging, uncompromising devotional, while bringing forth biblical wisdom.
I absolutely love this special edition, making it a wonderful gift for any occasion.
Although the print is a little on the smaller side, I appreciate the one page devotional for daily reading.
I highly recommend this as a must add resource to your home!

20 Oct 2023

“A fine edition!”

(Review written for 'Truth For Life - Gift Edition (Volume 1)')

The first volume of Alistair Begg's "Truth For Life" devotionals is finally available in a splendid gift edition!

Embodying the core mission of his Bible-teaching ministry, the Truth For Life: 365 Daily Devotional is a profound reflection of Begg's commitment to imparting Biblical truth and wisdom with both clarity and relevance.

This new imitation-leather edition serves as a beautiful gift for your fellow Christian brothers and sisters, encouraging them to begin each day with the gospel. Adorned with a debossed brown cover, a ribbon marker, and a protective sleeve, it offers an exquisite addition to the already available hardback volumes 1 and 2.

Each devotional is concise yet brimming with wisdom, reminiscent of Spurgeon's "Morning and Evening" devotionals, which Alistair Begg thoughtfully revised and updated a few years ago. Begg's presentation of the Scriptures radiates a genuine warmth and pastoral touch, reflecting his extensive experience in pastoral ministry. I particularly appreciate his use of vivid anecdotes to connect with the text, adding to the overall enjoyment of reading. Each devotional entry concludes with an application that consistently directs your focus toward Christ.

If you already have Alistair Begg's Truth For Life devotionals, this new faux leather edition makes for an ideal gift to share with your friends and loved ones. But if you have yet to dive into its pages, now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a copy and enhance your daily devotional experience!

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