Working It Out (ebook)

Working It Out ebook

God, you and the work you do

Ian Coffey

Ian Coffey helps us make creative - and vital - connections between God and our work.

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Can welding a gatepost bring glory to God? Does ironing your children's uniforms help you grow as a disciple? Will your new crime prevention strategy do anything to further the kingdom?

To all three Ian Coffey says a resounding 'yes'. With lively Bible teaching and drawing on a wealth of real-life stories, he shows how work was part of God's good plan for men and women - given to us so we can make a creative contribution in his world.

Whatever your work, God is interested in it, God can transform it, and God wants to use it - for his glory.

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Author Ian Coffey
ISBN 9781844748594
Format eBook
First published November 2012
Language English
Publisher IVP
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Working It Out (ebook) | Ian Coffey | £8.99 £7.19