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Soul Leader's Guide (Swedish)

Soul Leader's Guide (Swedish)

A 7-week introduction to Jesus for teens and young people

Leader's Guide for Soul - the youth edition of Christianity Explored

Part of the Soul series.


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“Soul” is a life-changing journey through the Gospel of Mark. In seven interactive sessions, plus a weekend or day away, teenagers will find out what Christians believe, discover the Bible’s answers to the big questions of life and explore what Christianity is really all about. This Leader's Guide provides all the information you need on how to run the course, introductory activity ideas, Bible-study questions with guide answers and lots more!

“Soul” is the 14+ part of the original CY course, the youth edition of Christianity Explored.

Product details


  • Section 1
    • How to run the course

  • Section 2
    • Study guide

  • Section 3
    • Weekend/Day away

  • Appendices
    • Answering difficult questions


ISBN 9789198718812
Format Paperback
Dimensions 152mm x 229mm x 5mm
Weight 0.32 kg
Language Swedish
Pages 192
Publisher Rotad

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