Ruth For You (French)

Ruth For You (French)

Revealing God's Kindness and Care

Applied expository Bible-study guide on the book of Ruth: a story of redemption that points us to Jesus.

Part of the God's Word For You series.


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The book of Ruth is a love story. Like all love stories it has twists and turns, tension and resolution, and a happy ending.

But it's far more than that because it reveals to us a God who is deeply committed to caring for his people. In Boaz, God provides Ruth with a loving husband to free and provide for her, pointing us to the Bible's grand story of redemption and David’s greatest son, Jesus.

Tony Merida's compelling story-telling and Christ-centered insights make this both an accessible and absorbing expository guide to the book of Ruth. It can be used for personal devotions, or for leading small-group studies, or for sermon preparation.

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  • Introduction
    1. The Sojourn (1:1-5)
    2. The Return (1:6-18)
    3. The Arrival (1:19-22)
    4. The Field (2:1-13)
    5. The Meal (2:14-23)
    6. The Threshing Floor (3:1-18)
    7. The City Gate (4:1-12)
    8. The Son (4:13-22)


Contributors Tony Merida
ISBN 9782362497834
Format Hardback
First published October 2023
Language French
Publisher blfeditions

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