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A small book about a big problem

Meditations on anger, patience, and peace

How many times today were you frustrated? While you might not think about it often, if you look closely at any day most everyone can find anger in their actions and attitudes. Anger is so common—yet it also hurts us and others. Can anyone truly find peace? Yes, but you need a plan.

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How many times today have you been irritated? Frustrated? While you might not think about it often, if you look closely at any day most everyone can find anger in their actions and attitudes. Something spills or goes missing, we get stuck in traffic or someone cuts us off on the road, or we feel like the people we live and work with are only making our lives more difficult. And while no one wants to get angry, what happens when our irritations and frustrations rise yet again?

Anger is so common—yet it also hurts. It not only leaves a mark on us, but it also leaves a marks on others. The wounds we inflict on ourselves and others because of anger—loss of intimacy, trust, security, and enjoyment in our closest relationships—give us compelling reasons to look closely at our anger and think carefully about how to grow in peace and patience.

But if you, like many others, have just gotten irritated for the umpteenth time today, you might wonder if change is possible. Can anyone truly find peace? The answer is yes, but you will need a plan. Biblical counselor and psychologist Ed Welch invites readers to take a fifty-day journey that unpacks anger while encouraging and teaching readers to respond with patience to life’s difficulties. Readers will also be introduced to Jesus, the key to any plan for change. Known as the Prince of Peace, he is the only one who can empower his people to grow in patience, peace, and wholeness.

- Provides short, daily meditations that encourage readers to look carefully at how their anger affects them and others.
- The fifty-day reading plan gives ample time for readers to unpack the underlying causes of irritation and frustration and develop a Spirit-led plan for growth.
- Offers encouragement and helps readers to develop the skills to deal with the universal problem of anger and respond with more patience to life’s difficulties
- Christ-centered teachings give readers hope that they can change not based on their own efforts, but through the work of Jesus and his indwelling Spirit.
- A useful tool for pastors, counselors, and lay helpers who are working with people who struggle with a short fuse.
What Is the Product for?

A Small Book about a Big Problem offers hope for change to people struggling with irritation and frustration and its effects on themselves and others. With fifty short, daily meditations, readers are provided with an easy-to-follow plan that gives them enough time to unpack the underlying causes of their irritation and frustration, as well as encouragement and skills to respond with more patience and peace to life’s difficulties. Centered around Christ, the work and teachings of Jesus give readers hope they can change not through their own actions, but through the life and spirit of the Prince of Peace.

Who Is the Product for?

While anger is a universal issue that everyone deals with, A Small Book about a Big Problem is written for people who recognize the destruction anger is causing to their lives and relationships, but do not know how to change. With fifty short, daily meditations that serve as a plan to deal with anger and its underlying causes, biblical counselor Ed Welch also provides readers with encouragement and skills to respond to life’s difficulties with more patience. Also a useful tool for pastors, counselors, family, and friends of people dealing with anger issues, this book offers hope through the life and work of Jesus that change can happen and peace is possible.

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  • Day 1: A Slow Fifty-Day Walk
    Day 2: Have Your Reasons
    Day 3: What Is Anger?
    Day 4: Judging the Judge
    Day 5: Murderer
    Day 6: The Many Faces of Anger
    Day 7: Run toward Wisdom
    Day 8: Anger and Our Desires
    Day 9: Keep at It
    Day 10: Blind Spots
    Day 11: How Anger Feels
    Day 12: Anger Is Against God
    Day 13: Ask Forgiveness
    Day 14: The God Who Forgives
    Day 15: Jesus and Anger
    Day 16: Completely Humble
    Day 17: Thank You
    Day 18: James on Anger
    Day 19: God Gets Jealous
    Day 20: What Is Your Plan?
    Day 21: Seek Forgiveness, Make Amends
    Day 22: You Have Been Anger’s Victim
    Day 23: Talk to God
    Day 24: Satan Loves Anger
    Day 25: Real Strength and Power
    Day 26: Anger Looks Right, Until . . .
    Day 27: “Jesus Christ and Him Crucified”
    Day 28: Grumbling
    Day 29: “If the Lord Wills”
    Day 30: Jealousy
    Day 31: Full Vent
    Day 32: Learned Anger
    Day 33: God’s Anger
    Day 34: Bless Your Enemy
    Day 35: Ten Ways to Bless an Enemy
    Day 36: Our Shield and Protector
    Day 37: The Gift of Being Mistreated
    Day 38: Hide, Point, and Shoot
    Day 39: “Do You Have a Right to Be Angry?”
    Day 40: “Quick to Listen”. . . to God
    Day 41: Unlimited Patience
    Day 42: God’s Behind-the-Scenes Anger
    Day 43: Everyone Is Not You
    Day 44: God Is the Judge
    Day 45: Blame Sharing
    Day 46: What’s Your Aim?
    Day 47: Who Is My Neighbor?
    Day 48: Fifteen Signs of Growth
    Day 49: Be Angry
    Day 50: The Long View

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Contributors Edward T. Welch
ISBN 9781945270130
Format Hardback
First published December 2017
Dimensions 108mm x 158mm x 17mm
Weight 0.20 kg
Language English
Pages 192
Publisher New Growth Press

Sinclair B Ferguson

Teaching Fellow of Ligonier Ministries; former Senior Minister of First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina

Does anger really require a basic treatment program of seven weeks? Yes. Small symptoms mask major diseases. In A Small Book about a Big Problem, Dr. Ed Welch masterfully combines biblical analysis and a lifetime of counseling experience with a gentle exposing of our true condition—and then prescribes gospel medicine. Complete the course! At first it may not taste good. But it offers the hope of long-term spiritual health.

Paul David Tripp

Author and Conference Speaker

As a young pastor anger nearly destroyed my family and my ministry. By grace, God rescued me. My hope is that this book, filled with profound insights, tender grace, and practical wisdom, will be used by God to rescue and restore many. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from reading it.

John Frame

J. D. Trimble Chair of Systematic Theology and Philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando

Anger is a big problem today—in our political life, in the world’s religions, on the highways, and in our own hearts. Scripture says it is often murderous, and it warns us about it at length. But often when we are angry, we don’t have the patience to listen to a lecture or treatise. Thankfully, Ed Welch’s book provides biblical teaching about anger in powerful, eloquent, short segments. Right to the point; right to our hearts.

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A small book about a big problem | Edward T. Welch |
£15.99 £13.59